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Himchari National Park

Address: Himchari, Cox's Bazar -

Images of Himchari National Park

About Himchari National Park

As a travellers community, Toursian presents all the information about Himchari National Park which is located at Himchari, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. So that you can make a tour plan here. You can even use our tour planner tool that will help you effectively manage your tour with your community, peers, and family.

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Details Information of Himchari National Park

Open Time

10 am to 5pm



Visit Duration

4 hour

Best time / season to Visit

Any time

Wheelchair Accessibility

Wheelchair Accessible

Best For ( amenities )

All Age

Facts about Himchari National Park

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About of Himchari National Park

Himchari National Park is Bangladesh's largest national park and wildlife reserve. The park is located in the southeast area of the country, in Ramu and Cox's Bazar Sadar Upazila, Cox's Bazar District.


Location of Himchari National Park

It is 13 kilometers east of Cox's Bazar. The woodland has a patchwork appearance, with dense trees and grasslands. The weather is typically humid and warm. Every year, from June through September, the park experiences tropical monsoons. At various points, the soil is loamy, clay, and sandy loam.


Attraction in Himchari National Park

Himchari Park is a lovely tropical forest with over 100 different tree species. It's close to the town of Cox's Bazar. The Park is home to 55 different types of animals. There are 13 amphibian species, 56 reptile species, 117 plant species, and 286 different bird species.


How to go Himchari National Park

Cox's Bazar is connected to Chittagong by road and air. From everywhere in the country, you can take a private automobile to Cox's Bazar. Himchori National Park is easily accessible from Cox Bazar by CNG, Jeep, or private automobile.


Things to do in Himchari National Park

There are stairs to ride up to the top of the hill, where there is a wonderful view of green hills and the azure ocean. There is a little waterfall in the park. The nearby seashore is a popular destination for red crabs.


How Far is the place From Dhaka?

411. 2 Km distance from Dhaka to Himchari National Park


Safety issues in Himchari National Park

Himchari National Park is pretty much safe for visitors. But always take your safety.


How much family-friendly is Himchari National Park

Himchari National Park is a family-friendly place. You can visit here with their friends and family. Every day a huge number of people visit this place.


when was the place established?

In 1980, Himchari National Park was established


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Travellers Experience / Reviews about Himchari National Park

Bin Sami visited at: 2018-08-12

It is located 13 km East of Cox's Bazar town. The overall appearance of the forest is various patches of dense forest and grass lands. The climate is generally humid and warm. The park has tropical monsoons from June to September every year. The entire forest area is managed and is under the jurisdiction of Cox's Bazar South Forest Division.

Satisfaction: 85%

Afzal Ali visited at: 2019-01-06

Himchari National Park is a paradise for birdwatchers. The primary attraction at this national park is the Asian Elephant which is one of the rarest elephant species on Earth. Other mammals like Gibbon, Rhesus Macaque, Leopard Cat, Fishing Cat, Tiger, Sloth Bear, Wild Boar, Dhole also live in this forest.

Satisfaction: 81%

Niyamul visited at: 2018-08-19

It is located in southeast Bangladesh just south of Cox’s Bazar town. These once forested hills comprise the watershed of numerous small streams serving the tourism hub of Cox’s Bazar. They provide and regulate seasonal water flows in the rainy season and are increasingly vulnerable to flash floods and landslides with deforestation and the effects of climate change.

Satisfaction: 83%

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