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Itakhola Mura

ইটাখোলা মুড়া

Address: Cumilla -

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About Itakhola Mura

Attraction Name: Itakhola Mura

Attraction Country: Bangladesh

People Visited This Place: 5

Tourist Satisfaction: 81%

Itakhola Mura timezone:

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Details Information of Itakhola Mura

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10 tk (general), 5 tk (students)

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Any time

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Wheelchair Accessible

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All Age

Facts about Itakhola Mura

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Location of Itakhola Mura

Itakhola Mura an archaeological site in mainamati. The site, like that of the kutila mura, is one of the most impressive ruins. It lies in three terraces on adjacent hillocks just opposite the rupban mura site across the Kotbari road, Comilla.


Significance of Itakhola Mura

Itakhola Mura served for a long time as a quarry for ancient bricks, hence the name. Excavations have revealed here a grand stupa complex with an attached monastery, located 42m to its north.


History of Itakhola Mura

The cultural phases of the site are stated (or overstated) to be five; the earlier three being still buried underneath the later remains. The Stupa Complex was originally built as a solid stupa in the traditional style on a 13.1 meter square basement. However, it has one peculiarity; a small sanctum (2.4 m x 2.1 m) built in the center of its eastern or front side.


Architectural beauty of Itakhola Mura

There is a medium sized monastery of the usual square shape with 19 cells and one entrance hall was built around an open courtyard, 16.2m. Square, on a separate mound. Its monumental gateway complex, 17.6m x 8.5m, projecting outwards, lies at the Centre of the eastern wing. Some of the cells have brick-built bedsteads. This structure was badly damaged by brick-hunters in 1944-45.


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Travellers average satisfaction about this place is 81 and 5 people visited this place.
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Travellers Experience / Reviews about Itakhola Mura

Mamunur Rahman visited at: 2018-10-14

I went to Itakhola Mura with my friends. We saw the centuries old stupa complex ruin with brickyard and stairs. We were absolutely amazed by the antiquity. This place is a architecturally pleasing archeological site. We came to the place "Kotbari" by CNG from Cumilla Bishwa Road at 20 tk per person.

Satisfaction: 82%

Kazi Imtiaz visited at: 2017-02-24

Itakhola Mura is a beautiful place with green grassy land and ancient brick-like stupa complex ruins which will amaze you. It will tell you the story of culture and civilization of 7th century. If you’re a history enthusiast, you will love this place.

Satisfaction: 81%

Ripon Hossain visited at: 2019-05-05

Itakhola mura is an excavation site situated at kotbari, Cumilla comprising a stupa complex. It's a sign of centuries old architectural efficiency. There are signs of deep digging here and there. You'll get to know a lot about our history coming up here.

Satisfaction: 77%

Emon Ahmed visited at: 2019-06-09

Itakhola Mura is situated at kotbari, Cumilla, on a hillock just opposite the Rupban Mura. So you can visit these two places in one go. Itakhola Mura is also an archeological site comprising historical architecture.

Satisfaction: 81%

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