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Abdullah Omar


Places that Abdullah Omar explored.


Alutila Hill Station


Alutila hill station is a place very near of the Alutila cave. It's on the hilltop. The whole Khagrachhari town is seen beautifully from here. Greenery along with blue sky create a wonderful environment. We did camping there for some time.

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Mia Bari Mosque


This mosque is worked over a high plinth. Or on the other hand, might be its better to consider it a high cellar rather than a plinth. Inside the cellar it has a few rooms at ground floor. Nowadays it is being utilized as an occupant for the understudy of close by Madrasa . There is a wide step accessible to reach at the mosque that is at the subsequent floor.

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Chitwan National Park


This is a wonderful park and the elephant Safari is a suggested one, on the off chance that you are fortunate, you may even see the Tiger. On the off chance that you are unfortunate, you will in any case see rhinos, deers, monkeys, and heaps of birds and butterflies. It's truly awesome.

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Rupsha Jomidar Bari


This spot is truly great. You can get ready for a road trip with loved ones. It will take around 2/3 hours relies upon the traffic. The spot is wonderful, gotten, and very much kept up. You can even arrange for a night's stay. Several castles, two lakes, delightful nursery, kids play zone, and parts.

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Tsavo National park


We made some astounding memories. We saw countless creatures including Zebras, Giraffes, Buffalo, Giselle, and the ruler of the wilderness. Numerous elephants of numerous sizes and the characteristic beauty of the recreation center itself. It's critical to go with a confided-in direct and legitimate vehicle.

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Phewa Lake


Stunning lake in Pokhara valley with excellent perspective on snow-clad Mountains in the north, delightful woods in the south, and Tal Barahi Temple in the lake make it a genuine paradise. As I heard from travelers and the neighborhood, it is viewed as the center for a special first night trip. Impression of world popular mountains like Annapurna And Machhapuchhre( fishtail) draws individuals throughout the planet. An unquestionable requirement visit in Nepal and particularly in Pokhara.

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Devi's Falls

Sital path, Pokhara

The Falls are packed and are not immense. It merits a brief stop to see them and the excellent finished grounds. The seriously captivating site is the cavern inverse the falls that take you numerous accounts subterranean level to see where the falls start and to watch them from within watching out. Not useful for those with claustrophobia, and dangerous conditions and climbing required.

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Lokanatha Temple, Jhalokati


t is Shiva sanctuary close to Jagannath sanctuary. It's regarded as the principal shiva sanctuary in puri. There is a lake where one can take care of fishes as well as turtles. The Ling of Lord Shiva is arranged in the lower part of the sanctuary where it is encircled by blossoms and prasad. It has a set of experiences appended to it.

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Maharajar Dighi


Away from panchagar town around 10 miles, a major lake is arranged at Amarkhana unions prominently known as Maharaja dighi. With the bank, its surface is 800 yards. Consistently Boishakhi reasonably held at the bank of the stream. Many times the presence of the Indian public is likewise seen. Close to the lake, there are many green plants of trees which is extremely dear to all work now.

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Gopal Temple

Puthia, Rajshahi

Gopal is the name of lord Krishna. Since this sanctuary is closely related to ruler Krishna, it's called the Gopal Temple. It's a vintage property that has a place with open domain which later on has been transformed into the sanctuary. It is located in the Rajshahi city. Bunches of roses, banglows, huts are the things you can discover near this sanctuary.

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Rupa Lake - Rupa Tal


Situated in far east from downtown area, the lake is wonderful. The water is blue and common. I like the human exercises in this lake is still less. It ought to be in the rundown of should go spot in Pokhara. It is a tranquil territory with not all that much developed around it. The water level was low when I was there, so it wasn't just about as delightful as it would have been in another season.

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Neval sea beach


Going through the Chittagong airport simply goes through a late evening till dusk while watching the setting sun in the water. It is around 20 Km from City. Taxi/CNG Driven three-wheeler or a lease a vehicle or few public transport can take you there. Numerous nearby food shops can meet the appetite. The cost is a bit higher as it is a traveler's place. In some cases, the street is stuffed. The overall view is mesmerizing.

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Boudha Stupa (Bodhnath)

Boudhanath Sadak,Kathmandu

Truly worth visiting. The Boudhanath Stupa is enormous; dazzling white, with various strings of petition banners dangling from it. Loads of imploring Buddhists and some charming cafés wrapped up the back streets. Just retained by the Buddhist sanctuary. What pulled in me the most is the petition haggles of various societies that accepted this stupa.

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Bangabandhu Bridge


The Bridge over the waterway Jamuna is the biggest scaffold from Bangladesh. It's currently the fifth-longest scaffold from South Asia. This extension interfaces the North Bengal, association place is Sirajganj and Bhuapur of Tangail. This extension was open for the general population during June 1998. At first, the scaffold was open for every one of the guests, sightseers, and all walkers

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Palace of Queen Mainamati


One of the remnants of Buddhist human progress in our country and one of the spots to visit. Nothing alluring at that spot except for should learn about the spot before going and afterward, you may correlate. I additionally saw that a portion of the parts was being worked as the essential model yet I can't uphold this thought. Things should remain how it was not how we might want them to see. Suggested for the individuals who love history and culture.

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Swayambhunath Stupa


A gathering of lovely antiquated Temples of blended confidence i.e Hindu just as Buddhist. One of the most established sanctuary on the slope top. There are two different ways to climb. One is part of the way associated with motorable streets and the other is with steps. A troublesome trip. you will get the organization of Monkeys. It was a great experience

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Sagarmatha National Park


Sagarmatha public park is recorded as the site of world legacy in 1979. This public park is a realm of untamed life, Himalayan, Sherpa culture, conventional Buddhist religion, environment some more. This is the region which is known as the realm of the Sherpa public, too who live there and directing to individuals to make their fantasies extremely effective.

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Kathmandu Durbar Square


For vacationers, the extra charge was 1,000 rupees for each individual. Durbar signifies the "court of a local ruler". The square truly wasn't extremely huge yet brimming with landmarks, sanctuaries, pigeons, local people, and sightseers. Local people inquire as to whether you need their guide administration yet it truly isn't required.

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Mahendra Cave


It is far down yet the steps are not very troublesome. Be arranged, however, that you need to rise later! However, it merits the view. First, go to see the cascade outside and afterward the cave. Because when you go to the cavern, you stroll along and get to the cascade from the inside. Stunning perspective and incredible photograph operation.

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Baba Adam Mosque


There is a grave of a muslim holy person named Baba Adam just alongside the mosque. There is a story among the nearby individuals that Baba Adam came here during the decision time of Ballal Sen. He came here to spread the religion Islam. Yet, Baba Adam was slaughtered by the request for Ballal Sen, and he was covered here later on. However, according to history appears as though those two individuals were from two distinct occasions.

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Birishiri - Lake

Durgapur, Netrokona

Susong Durgapur of Birishiri is situated in the Netrokona region around 200 km north of Dhaka. Numerous individuals throughout the planet come here to get familiar with the ethnic culture and livings. The primary fascination of Birishiri is the ceramic slope of Durgapur and the pleasant scene along the Shomeshwari River. There is additionally an ethnic exhibition hall at Birishiri. It's an unquestionable requirement spot to visit while you are in Birishiri.

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Madhabpur Lake


We visited the lake during a rainstorm when there were loads of blossoms of lilies in the lake. However, on a radiant day, we tracked down some extraordinary perspectives from the slope tops encompassing the lake. The actual path is flawless to take a gander at and sit by the side in the evening. It's a serene spot with no majestic beauty

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Guthia Mosque


This beautiful mosque, situated a good hour drive off Barisal is big, beautiful architecture and well kept. Has an orphanage and ladies section on premise. The grounds could be kept better, but the inside is clean and well maintained. Wonderful lighting at night, quite a place to relax.

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Sunamganj Traditional Museum


This one is a rich exotic museum with great collection of artifacts and cultural ways of living of Sunamganj. It shows the livelihood of the residents of that place. The artistic architecture of the museum building really amazed me.

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Thakurgaon Catholic Church


It's a missionary church in Thakurgaon associated with a kindergarten school. It's a Christian prayer house and a place solemn peace. It has a cathedral shape and amazing designed architecture.

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Chad Gazi Bhuiyan Jame Mosque

Chhagalnaiya, Feni

Aside from the arches, the mosque has 12 minarets over the dividers in an asymmetric manner. Four minarets at the four corners are having comparable style and the other 8 minarets amid the dividers are additionally having comparative style. The Eastern side of the divider is having basic earthenware alongside the earthenware over the front entryway. It is situated in ChagolnaiyaUpazila of Feni district

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Shimul Bagan - Shimul Garden


Shimulbagan is a beautiful place in Tahirpur upazilla of Sunamganj. The place consists of a vast land of 100 bigha. A local farmer named Jaynal Abedin made this garden. The place with it's red beauty absolutely mesmerized us. The tall trees with fire red flowers were in a systematic row which increased the beauty of the place.

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Gaza society


Gaza society is in Kachari Sharak of Naogaon. It was built in 1901 by Nabab Ali Khan. It was founded for Gaza business during the British colonial era. It was legal then. Now it's an office building of DNC which is open 24/7. It has a great historical significance.

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Rema Kalenga Reserved Forest


Rema Kalenga Trail is the most courageous path in Bangladesh. Other than the profound woodland and wild creatures, sightseers will be welcomed by native networks, for example, Tripura, Munda, and Oraw who have been living there for a long time. it's about nature.

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Biggest mangrove Forrest across the world. Where you can see diverse sorts of creatures uniquely Royal Bengal Tiger. Then again its green space satisfies you more. Little streams are streams in this territory. where anglers get diverse sorts of fish. It's simple to go there through dispatch and a little boat. heaps of resorts are accessible bunny.

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Jaflong Tourists view Point


Jaflong has a waterway that has Bangladesh on one side and India on the other. Huge loads of rocks are removed from this stream to be utilized for a modern reason. The drive to Jaflong is alleviating. Even though there are no bathrooms en route.

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4th Bangladesh - China Friendship Bridge


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Khaptad National Park

Western Nepal

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Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach

Cox's Bazar

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