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Panamkuzhy Eco Tourism Center

Panamkuzhy Ernakulam District, Kerala, Panamkuzhy, Kerala 683546

We traveled here with my friends. It was a great day.

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Chandranath Temple

Sitakunda, Chittagong

Chandranath Temple is basically a Shakti Peeth located on Chndranath Hill at Sitakundu. It’s a pilgrimage site for Hindus. It is situated above a hilltop which is at a height of 1020 feet from the sea level. It was a pleasure visiting this holy place amidst wonderful beauty of greenery.

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Sunamganj Traditional Museum


Sunamganj Traditional Museum welcomed us with the culture and history of Sunamganj. It's rich with its collection. Historical collection, environmental collection, cultural collection, regional collection all are found here. The trip was full of mesmerism.

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Sagor Dighi


Sagar is the biggest lake or dighi of southern Bangladesh, with a space of around 2,500 hectare. It is situated at Madhabpasa town of Babuganj Upazila, around 11 km away from Barisal town. Locally it is known as Madhabpasha Dighi. At first there were four block fabricated ghats each having 15 m width. Because of the absence of legitimate upkeep wildernesses step by step encompassed the dighi.

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Mujibnagar Monument


Well structured memorial to the father of the nation. The museum part is an impressive overview of his life, though perhaps too reliant on newspaper reports. The house itself is evocative, moving and chilling. Definitely worth a visit.

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Bibi Beganir Masjid


Binot Bibi Mosque is the most punctual enduring mosque in Dhaka worked in 1454 by Bakht Binat, the girl of Marhamat. It was during the standard of the Sultan of Bengal,

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Nahar Garden


Nahar Garden Picnic Spot is situated in Manikganj regions' Kamta town of Dhankora Union in Saturia Upazila. It is put directly adjacent to Dholesshor River in a commotion free rustic green climate and you can go there any an ideal opportunity to invest some optimal quiet energy.

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Putney Island


Putney Island is a petite-island in Khulna district. It's one of the most beautiful green islands in Bangladesh in the midst of the mighty Sundarbans. There are many canals here. During high tides, the whole area is floating. So one shouldn’t visit this place that time. Otherwise this place is wonderful enough to bring euphoria to one's soul.

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Chandranath Hill

Sitakunda, Chittagong

Chandranath hill is basically the eastern part of the Himalayas. It crosses Feni River through Assam and Tripura & joins Chittagong. We visited it entering through Sitakundu, Chittagong. The whole hilly area is full of rich greenery. The sky looks surreal from the hilltop. Sitakunda Eco Park is situated at the foothill.

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Gabkhan Bridge


Gabkhan channel is the lone man made trench that is being utilized as a maritime course in Bangladesh. It interfaces the two waterways named Shandha and Shugondha Those two streams are streaming practically in equal and this channel between those just decreased the maritime course and facilitated the correspondence. This is the reason it is otherwise called the Suez Canal of Bangladesh.

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Sheikh Rasel Shishu Park


The Sheikh Rasel Shishu Park is located at Tungipara. It attracts the people of all ages, though it's a children park. The park is colorful and well managed. It stands on an area of 5 acres and has 14 different interesting rides. We were amazed visiting the park and took many photos in that beautiful place.

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Rudrokor Bazar Jame Mosque


It has one arch. The ruddy orange blocks should be staggering as the sun sets. The four turrets at the corners are regular of what might be seen at Bagerhat. The feature for me was the unpredictable board work on the outside dividers. This is a compensating diversion.

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Khania Dighi Masjid


Anybody can go to Chapainawabganj from Dhaka by transport. There are transports of National Travels, Desh Travels, Grameen Travels, Tuhin Elite, Ekta Transport from College Gate, Shyamoli, Kalyanpur to Chapainawabganj.

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Gajni Obakash Lake


I had an astonishing involvement with Gajni in Sherpur. Buries of scene, the spot is extraordinary compared to other diversion spots in Bangladesh. In any case, because of helpless offices from the Tourism Department, this spot is adage getting the quantity of sightseers it ought to be. A native local area dwell at this spot. You will meet some of them.

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Chandra Mahal Eco Park


Chandra Mahal Eco Park is an outing spot situated in Ranjitpur town of FakirhatUpazila in Bagerhat region. There is a structure in the recreation center made after the model of TajMahal whose name is Chandra Mahal. In 2002, Selim Huda fabricated this Eco Park on 30 sections of land and named it after his significant other Nasima Huda Chandra.

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Rani Khong is a historical soccer field of Bangladesh in Netrokona. The area is surrounded with hillocks and blue clean reservoirs. It's a great place to have a visit for the nature lovers. The place no less than the birishiri. Though the soccer field is losing its charm nowadays, the natural beauty of the place is still the same.

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Parsa Wildlife Reserve


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Mashajan Dighi


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