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Rolling Oaks Park

Address: 18701 NW 17th Ct, Miami Gardens, FL 33056, United States

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About Rolling Oaks Park

  • Attraction name: Rolling Oaks Park

  • Attraction country: United States

  • People visited this place: 1

  • Average tourist satisfaction: 98%

  • Rolling Oaks Park timezone: America/New_York

  • Things to do at Rolling Oaks Park


Rolling Oaks Park in Miami Gardens, FL is a lovely outdoor retreat with shady oak trees and a walking trail, perfect for family strolls and enjoying nature. Although some activities like food truck events, playground, and pavilion rentals are on hold due to the pandemic, the park remains open for fresh air and exercise. Visitors praise the spaciousness, enjoyable food truck events, and appreciate the park's maintenance by the City of Miami Gardens. Kids find it fun with various activities, and a memorable event called the egg drop takes place with helicopter rides, food, and games. However, some concerns include closed restrooms and issues with the play area's upkeep. Overall, Rolling Oaks Park is a great place for families and offers engaging programs for children.

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Facts about Rolling Oaks Park

Toursian is in the process of collecting all the necessary facts about Kuakata sea beach to provide a comprehensive guide for travelers. If you have any updates, facts, or suggestions for things to do at this destination, feel free to share them with us.

What demographic is Rolling Oaks Park best suited for in terms of visitors?

Rolling Oaks Park caters to a wide demographic of visitors, including families with children, individuals seeking outdoor recreation, and sports enthusiasts. It provides activities and amenities suitable for people of different ages and interests.


How much time it will take to visit around Rolling Oaks Park?

The time it takes to visit around Rolling Oaks Park may vary depending on individual preferences and the activities undertaken. It could range from a few hours for a quick visit to a full day if engaging in various activities and exploring the park.


Ticket price at Rolling Oaks Park

This park is free to enter.


Wheelchair accessibility of Rolling Oaks Park

It is recommended to contact the park authorities for specific accessibility information.


What are the opening hours of Rolling Oaks Park?

This park is always(day time) open for its visitors.


Cashless facility in Rolling Oaks Park

It would be advisable to bring cash.


How much Female friendly is Rolling Oaks Park

Rolling Oaks Park is considered as female-friendly place, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for women and families to visit.


Night life in Rolling Oaks Park

It's not recommended to visit this place at night.


Best season to visit Rolling Oaks Park

You will enjoy this park during spring and summer when the weather is pleasant and conducive to outdoor activities.


Crime rate in Rolling Oaks Park

Rolling Oaks Park aims to provide a safe environment for visitors, and it is desirable for it to be free from any criminal activities. It is important to note that no place can guarantee absolute absence of crime, so it's advised to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the authorities.


Safety issues in Rolling Oaks Park

Regarding safety issues at Rolling Oaks Park, the description does not explicitly mention any major safety concerns. However, it's always recommended to practice general safety precautions, such as being aware of your surroundings and keeping an eye on children, to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit.


Things to do in Rolling Oaks Park

At Rolling Oaks Park, visitors can enjoy activities such as walking along the trail, participating in the egg drop event, taking part in organized sports on the basketball and tennis courts (when not closed), and exploring the wide-open spaces for exercise and relaxation.


How much family-friendly is Rolling Oaks Park

Rolling Oaks Park is indeed a family-friendly place, offering a walking trail, playground (when not closed), and various activities for children. It provides a safe and enjoyable environment for families to spend quality time together.


Internet facility in Rolling Oaks Park

Not enough data is available. If you visited Rolling Oaks Park, please consider updating the Internet facility, availability and speed here.


Things to do at Rolling Oaks Park

As a travelers community Toursian aims to list all the interactive things to do here.

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Travellers Experience / Reviews about Rolling Oaks Park

Johnnie Dell visited at: 2023-06-02

Rolling Oaks Park is a family-friendly outdoor retreat located in Miami Gardens, FL. Visitors can enjoy leisurely strolls on the walking trail beneath shady oak trees and appreciate the green surroundings. Although some activities may be temporarily on hold due to the pandemic, the park offers a spacious and well-maintained space for families to relax

Satisfaction: 98%

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