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Vangan waterfall

વાંગણ વોટરફોલ

Address: Vangan, Gujarat 396580, India

What David Al saying about this place:

Vangan Waterfall is a hidden gem, offering serene trekking and the mesmerizing beauty of numerous waterfalls. A must-visit for nature enthusiasts.

Vangan waterfall - Toursian

About Vangan waterfall


Vangan Waterfall is a beautiful spot you can reach by car or a short walk from the entrance. It takes around 15 to 20 minutes to get to the waterfall from the top parking area, but the view is amazing. The road can be bumpy, so it's better for trips with friends than for families. The waterfall is surrounded by nature and is a peaceful place. The water is clean, but some people litter, which is not good. It's best to visit during the rainy season and take a 10-minute walk to the waterfall. There are different waterfalls and trees, giving it a jungle adventure feel. It can get crowded, and taking good photos might be hard. Everyone is welcome, and efforts are being made to make it more accessible and attractive for tourists.

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Facts about Vangan waterfall

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Things to do in Vangan waterfall

Not enough data is available for Vangan waterfall. Please write some thing about things to do in Vangan waterfall.


Historical facts of Vangan waterfall

Not enough data is available for Vangan waterfall. Please add any historical data about Vangan waterfall.


How much family-friendly is Vangan waterfall

Vangan Waterfall is a nature-filled destination suitable for families seeking adventure. However, due to rough roads and a short trek to the waterfall, it may be more suitable for families with older children and teens


Best season to visit Vangan waterfall

The best time to visit Vangan Waterfall is during the monsoon season.


How much time it will take to visit around Vangan waterfall?

Exploring Vangan Waterfall typically takes around 10-20 minutes of trekking, providing ample time to enjoy the mesmerizing views.


Wheelchair accessibility of Vangan waterfall

Wheelchair accessibility might be challenging due to the uneven terrain and trekking involved in reaching the waterfall.


Safety issues in Vangan waterfall

While the area generally offers a safe experience, visitors should be cautious while trekking and follow the instructions of local authorities.


How much Female friendly is Vangan waterfall

Vangan Waterfall can be female-friendly, especially for those comfortable with light trekking and exploring nature.


Cashless facility in Vangan waterfall

Cashless facilities might be limited in this remote setting, so visitors should carry sufficient cash for expenses.


What are the opening hours of Vangan waterfall?

Vangan Waterfall is open during daylight hours, allowing visitors to appreciate its natural beauty


Ticket price at Vangan waterfall

Entry to Vangan Waterfall is usually free, making it an accessible destination for all.


What demographic is Vangan waterfall best suited for in terms of visitors?

Nature enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and families with older children are best suited for visiting Vangan Waterfall.


Things to do at Vangan waterfall

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