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Jaflong Tourists view Point


Address: Sylhet -

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About Jaflong Tourists view Point

Attraction Name: Jaflong Tourists view Point

Attraction Country: Bangladesh

People Visited This Place: 8

Tourist Satisfaction: 84%

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Facts about Jaflong Tourists view Point

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Location of Jaflong Tourists view Point

Located in the Sylhet Division of Bangladesh, this is a very attractive hilly area. Jaflong is the landmark of limits between two countries. You can go there driving only 60 km northeast of the Sylhet district.


Scenic beauty

Jaflong is a scenic spot famous for waterfalls, tea gardens and surrounding small hills. Local tourist frequently visits this natural beauty beside river Mari to get a glimpse of rolling stones from hills greenish with the forests. Rising from the great Himalayas, river Mari carries along loads of rocks with the flow.


Tourist attraction

Tourists go for a boat ride on the river and appreciate the stone collection. Resting at the foothill of Khashia Hill, Jaflong Sylhet is home to native Khasi tribe. Besides the geographic location, the tea garden and the Khasi palli (village) increases the tourism value of this attractive natural beauty.


Tribal people

You can relish the lifestyle of Khasi tribe existing in Sylhet, Jaflong for thousands of years. Khasi people has a very exceptional tradition of following a matrilineal system of ancestry and heirloom. For me, this tourist spot filled with mountains and rainfalls is the perfect gateway for long weekends.


Attractive stones

Stone is also one among them which in abundance can be found in the Mari River. The everyday huge amount of stone is extracted to use in construction. Tourists also collect beautiful stones. But the removal of an excessive amount of stone is harmful to the natural harmony of the environment of the hilly region.


Ways to go there

You can reach your destination from Shobani ghat by bus from Sylhet town. It is only walking distance from there to visit zero points .There is another way to via train from Dhaka which cost around USD 15. You need to go the Kamalapur Railway Station where many train services leave from for Sylhet. If you are planning to drive to Sylhet from Dhaka, the capital city, it will take you 4-5 hours to reach there.


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Travellers average satisfaction about this place is 84 and 8 people visited this place.
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Travellers Experience / Reviews about Jaflong Tourists view Point

Md Ovi visited at: 2018-10-29

Jaflong is around 60 Km from Sylhet city, it's perhaps the most visited vacationer location in Bangladesh to appreciate the magnificence of nature. It's an awesome spot and close to Tamabil land crossing with India. Street sides are truly lovely and brimming with green. We have been there at numerous events. This is an extraordinary spot to appreciate the mix of slopes, cascades, and streams.

Satisfaction: 80%

Sabbir visited at: 2015-10-24

Jaflong is an appealing place of interest and beautiful in Goyanghat Upazila of Sylhet locale other than the stream Mari in the lap of Hill Kashia. It is around 60 km from Sylhet town and requires two hours drive to reach there. There are tea gardens and uncommon magnificence of drifters from slopes. In blustery season the region is favored by lovely cascades.

Satisfaction: 90%

Mustak Hasan visited at: 2016-08-29

Jaflong is a wonderful excursion spot through dusty and uneven rides through Tamabil. We took 2 mentors of the school and school understudies. Worth the excursion and cookout only for this paramount excursion to see individuals living in treehouses, loads of stones, India line powers, and road sellers. Effectively the greatest fascination close to Sylhet after the Shahjahal hallowed place

Satisfaction: 84%

Abdullah Omar visited at: 2016-08-23

Jaflong has a waterway that has Bangladesh on one side and India on the other. Huge loads of rocks are removed from this stream to be utilized for a modern reason. The drive to Jaflong is alleviating. Even though there are no bathrooms en route.

Satisfaction: 76%

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