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Bindyabasini temple

बिन्ध्याबासिनी मन्दिर

Address: Tripur

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About Bindyabasini temple


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Facts about Bindyabasini temple

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1. Where is Bindhyabasini temple situated?

- Shree Bindhyabasini temple is located in Pokhara, Nepal. The temple is dedicated to goddess Bhagwati,who is believed to be the guardian deity of the city


2. Who built the temple and when?

- The temple was built by King Prithvi Narayan Shah in 18th century


3. When is the temple open?

- The temple is open everyday in a week


4. Is there any entry fee?

- No


5. What are the attractions around the temple?

- The temple is situated 3000 feet above from the sea level and offers a breathtaking view of the Annapurna range


6. Can people of any religion enter the temple?

- Only Hindu people are allowed to enter


7. What are some directions about visiting the temple?

- Taking off the shoes before entering and wear conservative clothes


What are the opening hours of Bindyabasini temple?



Best season to visit Bindyabasini temple

Any time


Ticket price at Bindyabasini temple

No Ticket


Wheelchair accessibility of Bindyabasini temple

Wheelchair Accessible


How much time it will take to visit around Bindyabasini temple?

3 hour


What demographic is Bindyabasini temple best suited for in terms of visitors?

All Age


Things to do at Bindyabasini temple

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Travellers Experience / Reviews about Bindyabasini temple

Arafat Hasan visited at: 2018-04-26

You can also get there by driving your own car or van. It is a 10-minute ride from Sarangkot and a 20-minute trip from the lakeside. Tourists are also escorted to the location by private automobiles from various travel companies. This religious place can be visited at any time of the year. Because locals and visitors worship Bhagwati on a daily basis, the temple is usually open all year. Pilgrims will be able to enjoy hymns and prayer songs performed on the grounds with Nepali musical instruments, especially on Saturdays. It creates a highly spiritual atmosphere.

Satisfaction: 85%

Sarawat Malik visited at: 0016-09-20

The landmark architecture of this temple is in Shikhara style. It's a white pagoda temple situated in the middle of a park-like setting. The temple has a golden carved metal gate that allows you a glimpse inside and breaks up the whiteness. At first view, the Bindhyabasini temple appears to be a basic but stunning structure. The temple is governed by the local "Dharmik Chhetra Bikas Samiti."

Satisfaction: 90%

Miftahul Jannat visited at: 2015-05-17

There are various ways to reach Bindhyabasini temple. You may catch a local bus from your accommodation hotel to the Hari Chowk bus stop and hike up the small hill from there. On the east and northeast sides of the temple, there are two great stone staircases.In 2019, a lift with a maximum capacity of 12 passengers was inaugurated. It is specifically created for differently abled pilgrims and older folks, and there are no fees for individuals with disabilities. Others, on the other hand, impose a certain fee for maintenance.

Satisfaction: 50%

Jakaria Talukdar visited at: 2019-08-06

Bindhyabasini temple is a great religious monument with immense natural beauty. It is located on a mountain near Pokhara's lively old bazaar. It is revered by both Hindus and Buddhists. It is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Bindhyabasini, a Bhagawati who is thought to be the guardian deity of the city of lakes. On Saturdays, especially, worshipers flock to this location to commit animal sacrifices. The splendor of the Annapurna Himalayan range can be seen beautifully from this Temple.

Satisfaction: 91%

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