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Langlok Waterfall

লাংলোক ঝর্ণা

Address: Habru Headman Para, Bandarban -

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About Langlok Waterfall

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Facts about Langlok Waterfall

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Location of Langlok Waterfall

Langlok Jharna is a waterfall located in the depths of Bandarban which came to the notice of the people a few days ago.


Height of Langlok Waterfall

The height of Langlok is 388.9 feet. Mainly due to the deep jungle, inaccessible roads, and being quite far from the locality, very few people have seen it.


Natural beauty of Langlok Waterfall

You will be fascinated by the sight of Langlok or Liluk waterfalls crossing the high and low curved paths and building-like slippery stones surrounded by dense forest and you will forget all the fatigue of the inaccessible path. However, the dangerous inaccessible Jhiri path has made Langlok Jharna more attractive.


Highest of Langlok Waterfall

Many people think that Baktalai is the highest waterfall in the country but in one expedition the height of Langlok was found to be higher than Baklai / Baktalai. Due to the presence of a bat cave at the site of this spring in the Thanchi area, the spring is called Langlok (meaning bat) in the Marma language.


Ways to go Langlok Waterfall

Dhaka – Bandarban – Thanchi – 2 hours from Tindu to Langlok Jharna by crossing a very inaccessible mountain path. Keep in mind that tourists are not currently allowed to go administratively. Take a boat from Thanchi to go Tindu. Liluk Jharna is a 2-hour long trek from Tindu.


Local name of Langlok Waterfall

Local people call it “Phi Phi Clay” as the name of a bird-like the Finch species that lives on the wall of the spring. This Fountain has a high flow of water mainly during the monsoon season.


How Far is the place From Dhaka?

316 Km Distance from Dhaka to Langlo


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Travellers Experience / Reviews about Langlok Waterfall

Mary Patricia visited at: 2019-09-17

2. The name of the waterfalls comes from a nearby bat cave in Thanchi area. The word Langlok means bat in Marma language. The fountain has a high flow of water specially during the monsoon. Best time to visit the waterfalls is during rainy season. One can travel from Dhaka to Thanchi,from there it is 2 hours to the waterfalls through Tindu. Tourists must need to take a good guide with them

Satisfaction: 70%

Joseph Thomas visited at: 2020-06-04

1. Langlok waterfalls, also known as Liluk waterfalls,is located in Thanchi, Bandarban. The beautiful fountain was unknown to tourists for a long time because of inaccessible roads and being far from the locality. Beautifully surrounded by the dense forests, the magical waterfalls attracts many tourists everyday. The height of Langlok is 388.9 feet. The high and low curved paths and building like slippery stones have made the waterfalls more amazing. The waterfall can be called the highest among seasonal waterfalls.

Satisfaction: 79%

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