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St. Martin's Island

সেন্ট মার্টিন দ্বীপ

Address: Cox's Bazar

What Trisha saying about this place:

St. Martin is a beloved creation of God who gave wonderful beauty in it. It is the only coral island in our country. My visit to this island was full of joy and memories. The beautiful row of coconut trees will attract anybody’s attraction. This place is also very much famous to the foreigners, though due to Covid-19, foreigners aren’t seen that much. Sunrise and sunset are two most striking things you can enjoy.

St. Martin's Island - Toursian

About St. Martin's Island

  • Attraction country: Bangladesh

  • People visited this place: 11

  • Average tourist satisfaction: 78%

  • Timezone:

  • Things to do:


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Facts about St. Martin's Island

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How much area does St Martin have?

3 km²


How big is Saint Martin Island?

87 km²


Who discovered St Martin?

First settled by the Arawaks and discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493 on behalf of Spain..


Is St Maarten expensive to visit?

This place is comparatively cheap to visit from both North America and Europe.


Natural beauty of saint martin island

Serene nature, greenery, beach view


saint martin island weather

Tropical, hot and sunny


How Far is the place From Dhaka?

404 km Distance from Dhaka to saint martin island


About saint martin island

It is the only coral island of Bangladesh and known as “Narikel Zinzira” which means 'Coconut Island'


What are the opening hours of St. Martin's Island?



Best season to visit St. Martin's Island

Any time


Ticket price at St. Martin's Island

No Ticket


Wheelchair accessibility of St. Martin's Island

Wheelchair Not Accessible


How much time it will take to visit around St. Martin's Island?

4 hour


What demographic is St. Martin's Island best suited for in terms of visitors?

All Age


Things to do at St. Martin's Island

As a travelers community Toursian aims to list all the interactive things to do here.

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Travellers Experience / Reviews about St. Martin's Island

Niyamul visited at: 2020-04-14

We visited the "Narikel jinjira" which means "coconut island" last year. It is a small island in the north eastern part of the Bay of Bengal, created in the southernmost part of our country. It is about 8 km west of the northwest coast of Myanmar, at the mouth of the Naf River. It is only 8 sq. Kilometre in size. The island is very much ingenious with a vast biological variety such as existing fauna and flora Coral, Mollusk, Fish, Amphibian, Turtle, Snail, Bird and Mammals.

Satisfaction: 85%

St. Martin's Island - Toursian

Mamunur Rahman visited at: 2020-09-15

Experts separate this island into three parts. Northern part is called Narikel Zinzira. It is 2. 134 km long and 1, 402 m wide. The southern part is called Dakkhin Para by the locals and its length and width are successively 1929 m and 1890 m. The middle part which is known as Maddhapara locally is 1524m long and 518m wide. Between October and April, the fishermen from neighbouring areas fetch their caught fishes to the island's transitory wholesale market.

Satisfaction: 87%

St. Martin's Island - Toursian

Adita Faysal visited at: 2020-10-12

Between November and February, one can get the best time for visiting here. Undoubtedly, this is the foremost tourist season. Between March and July, a tourist must keep his eyes on the forecast intensely; as cyclones can beat during these times. March to July is the tourist off season. This place will give you a "close to nature" feeling when in the dawn you will go for a walk by the beach. Imagine, just the scream of the ocean on the shore and a rising sun with cool breeze with you!

Satisfaction: 93%

St. Martin's Island - Toursian

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