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Shamsher Gazi Pond and Park


We went there by bus from Dhaka to enjoy our office picnic. It's in the center of Chagalnaiya of Feni. The lake is so soothing that it melted our hearts. Blue water with green grass and trees created a majestic scenario. The was was clean. Fresh wind of the area welcomed us there. The park is well managed by the authority.

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Kantajew Temple


Kantaji Temple or Kantajew Temple is a late-archaic Hindu sanctuary in Dinajpur, Bangladesh. The Kantajew Temple is quite possibly the most eminent strict buildings having a place in the eighteenth century. Worked by Maharaja Pran Nath. It brags one of the best models of earthenware design in Bangladesh. A UNESCO World Heritage.

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Chalan Beel


The area of Chalan Beel is being decreased day by day, though it's a significant wetland. Once it covered an area of 1085 square kilometres, but was reduced to 368 square kilometres of which only 85 square kilometres were continuously under water. Now the area is only 26 square kilometres. But the place is absolutely worth visiting in rainy season. The beauty was breath taking when we visited it.

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Shailkupa Shahi Mosque


Shailkupa Shahi Mosque is about 500 years old. It holds great sign of architecture of the middle Muslim age. With times, it has worn a modern get up, but still carries the historical value. We are happy visiting this great mosque.

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Mir Mosharraf Hossain Memorial Museum

Padamdi, Baliakandi, Rajbari

After reading "Bishad Shindhu", I became a great fan of Mir Mosharrof Hossain and decided to visit the memorial complex in his name to cherish his memories. It is in Rajbari. There are monuments and quotes of him engraved. The place belongs his used stuffs and memories, writings etc. I also visited his graveyard nereby.

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Hum Hum Waterfall

Islampur, Sylhet

On the off chance that anybody wanna visit Ham, he should recollect that it's a 3-hour slope following to reach there. Needs a ton of endurance. what's more, stay away from it if it's pouring. Yet, I can say however it felt unimaginable at a time to reach Ham yet when I saw the cascade it left me astounded

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Parsa Wildlife Reserve


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