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Baniachang Raj Bari

বানিয়াচং রাজবাড়ি

Address: Habiganj -

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About Baniachang Raj Bari

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Details Information of Baniachang Raj Bari

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Facts about Baniachang Raj Bari

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Current Condition of Baniachang Raj Bari

The house was set on fire in 1971. Today there are ruins of a mosque, two mosques and an old building.


Location of Baniachang Raj Bari

Baniachang Rajbari is a historical zamindar house located in Baniachang village of Baniachang upazila in Habiganj district of Bangladesh .


Founder of Baniachang Raj Bari

The kingdom of Baniachang was founded by Govinda Singh. Govinda Singh later converted to Islam.


Infrastructure of Baniachang Raj Bari

The four taluks of the king's later descendants are divided into four talukas and new infrastructure is built. The house is surrounded by well-arranged walls. On the south side there are about 50 katha shops.


History of Baniachang Raj Bari

The newly converted to Islam took the name of Govind Singh Habib Khan and, with the state charter from the royal court with about three hundred families He returned to Baniachang in about 1556 when he rebuilt the palace. The history of this house is mentioned in many books including Aini Akbari, Bahari Sthan e Ghaibi, History of Sylhet and Historical Baniachang and Legends, Talks of Jalalabad, Baniachang Darpan.


Structural beauty Baniachang Raj Bari

Built in the stylef of Baniachang Raj Bari of the house of zamindar Isa Khan. This is because Isa Khan's son Musa Khan had a good relationship with Anwar Khan, the zamindar of Baniachang. The house was surrounded by a flower garden and three entrances. During this time two mosques were inlaid with carvings.


How Far is the place From Dhaka?

(172.4 km) distance from Dhaka to Baniachang Raj Bari


when was the place established?

Ancient Rajbari(1737–38)


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Travellers average satisfaction about this place is 72 and 2 people visited this place.
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Travellers Experience / Reviews about Baniachang Raj Bari

Sarah Jones visited at: 2019-02-26

Baniachang in Habiganj district is presently known as the world's largest village. Baniachang Bari is a fusion of history, tradition, and natural beauty in Baniachong. Baniachong was established in the year 50 AD. Although most villages are made up of a few neighborhoods or mahallas, Baniachang village is unique in this regard. Besides, this beautiful landmark will astound you. The greatest time to visit this location is during the rainy season, when you can appreciate the natural freshness.

Satisfaction: 73%

Md Ovi visited at: 2018-11-23

Baniachang Upazila is a normally lovely and recorded spot. Geo-underlying debasement decorates with various haor in Baniachang. It is an eye-getting brilliant land possessed by endless streams and lakes and waterways. In the blustery season, the water level in the haor is high. These water waves, enlightened by the musicality of tunes to the beat. Skyline crop fields in fall

Satisfaction: 71%

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