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Langtang National Park

ला Langटाang राष्ट्रिय निकुञ्ज

Address: Helambu

What Tahmidul Islam saying about this place:

The Langtang National Park is the fourth public park in Nepal and was set up in 1976 as the main Himalayan public park. The excellence of Barun valley is enrapturing. The northern and eastern lines of the public park match with the worldwide line to Tibet. The western limit follows the streams Bhote Kosi and Trisuli.

Langtang National Park - Toursian

About Langtang National Park


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Facts about Langtang National Park

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Where is Langtang National Park located?

It is situated in the Helambu region,north of Kathmandu valley in Nepal. It is Nepal's first Himalayan national park


When was the park established?

In 1976


What is the area of the park?

1710 sq kilometres


How can one reach the park?

There are two routes to reach from Kathmandu. One is from Syabrubesi and another is Sundarijal. Both routes provide trekking and sightseeing opportunities.


How far is the park from Kathmandu?

32 km


What are some popular activities in the park?

Trekking, hiking,visiting Gosainkunda lake,cultural tours


What animals are available in the park?

Red Panda,Himalayan black bear,snow leopard, wild dogs and more than 200 species of birds.


Is trekking to the national park safe?

Yes it is safe


What are the opening hours of Langtang National Park?



Best season to visit Langtang National Park

February to April


Ticket price at Langtang National Park

There is an entry fee


Wheelchair accessibility of Langtang National Park

Wheelchair Not Accessible


How much time it will take to visit around Langtang National Park?

4 hour


What demographic is Langtang National Park best suited for in terms of visitors?

All Age


Things to do at Langtang National Park

As a travelers community Toursian aims to list all the interactive things to do here.

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Travellers Experience / Reviews about Langtang National Park

Bin Sami visited at: 2020-11-29

Langtang is a wonderful valley, moderately simple journeying, bunches of tea houses, incredible widely varied vegetation. The territory was seriously hit by the Earthquake in April 2015 yet the ways are fixed, reconstructing is going on quickly. The territory needs your vacationer dollars to thrive and your life will be enhanced for the experience.

Satisfaction: 77%

Langtang National Park - Toursian

Kazi Imtiaz visited at: 2019-09-29

Noteworthy traveling. We went by jeep from Kathmandu for 8 hours to Suyabesy. There we remained at Buddha's Guest House. The following day we began our 8-day journey to the Langtang valley traveling to Langtang town and Kyanchin Gompa and Kyanchin Riz. A stunning journey with amazing perspectives.

Satisfaction: 84%

Langtang National Park - Toursian

Niyamul visited at: 2020-11-30

The delightful valley of Langtang is arranged in Rasuwa District, which is around 150 km away from Kathmandu. This valley offers an immense scope of the Himalaya, including distinctive mountain ranges from Tibet. There are various approaches to reach there by transport, by jeep including a stroll from Kathmandu, Sundari Jal crossing the valley of Gosainkunda. You should visit the place.

Satisfaction: 84%

Langtang National Park - Toursian

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