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Nilgiri - The Blue Mountain


It is one of the best hidden treasures of Bangladesh which is nowadays becoming popular among the tourists.Thanks to Bangladesh Army for finding the place and making it this much attractive. The resort is very well maintained and the view is exceptional. Can't really describe the place with words.

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Langtang National Park


Langtang is a wonderful valley, moderately simple journeying, bunches of tea houses, incredible widely varied vegetation. The territory was seriously hit by the Earthquake in April 2015 yet the ways are fixed, reconstructing is going on quickly. The territory needs your vacationer dollars to thrive and your life will be enhanced for the experience.

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Central Shaheed Minar


'Shahid Minar' that implies Bengali individuals' mother language protestors landmark (Martyrs) for Bangladesh. That occurrence happened in 1952. Hundred of thousands of individuals fought in those days on the road. February 21 is the "Global Mother Language Day". Numerous individuals visited this spot during that time particularly on February 21. It lies in the Dhaka University zone. Valid pleasant spot for visit.

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Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach

Cox's Bazar

There's nothing to dislike in this beautiful place except for the crowd. And you can avoid the crowd simply by taking a long walk along the beach. So what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to the place!

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Boro Station - Park


Beside of being a natural beauty place, this place also artificially developed being under in a tourist development project by the administrative section of Chandpur. They made an enormous monument at the entrance named "Roktodhara" and developed some hygienic restaurants nearby. Some occasional fairs take place here from time to time. Rides are planted there then as well as fancy shops are conducted then.

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Ahsan Manzil


Brilliant spot, intriguing rooms, and shows. A spot to see gradually and connecting with local people who will very much want to clarify the set of experiences around and take photographs with you to show their loved ones that outsiders can be cordial and make the most of their country and their way of life, food and scene. Accompany a nearby companion to feel simple, comprehend the nation better, and explore Dhaka old town and groups without alarm An incredible spot to snap a picture is from

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Radiant Fish World

jhawtola Cox's Bazar

We were fascinated enjoying the collection of marine fishes. The entire building is air-conditioned. This Place is standard for spending quality time with children and family. But authority should be more responsible and put more effort to make the place tourist friendly.

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Patenga Sea Beach


Most visited vacation spot of Chittagong City. You can appreciate the brief look at the Bay of Bengal if you don't have the opportunity to visit Cox's Bazar. You can likewise appreciate mouth-watering neighborhood road food varieties alongside new ocean food sources. Some water sports alongside horse rides are accessible there.

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Around Dharmasagar, there are many ancient buildings and temples which gave us an aesthetic vibe. We entered into two ancient buildings being careful and clicked some amazing photos of us with the palace like buildings. Dharmasagar is a wholesome place indeed.

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Sonadia Island

Cox's Bazar

One of the best spots to invest your recreation energy in Bangladesh when visiting Cox'sBazar. It's only a 20 to 30 minutes speedboat visit from Cox'sbazar 6 No. Fisheries Ghat. I would propose to take a boat from Ghat to Sonadia Island. Appreciate the quiet regular magnificence, the ocean, the long white dark sandy seashore, greater waves at that point go for a stroll to principal island Moheskhali to appreciate the rest of the excellence of this extraordinary island.

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Meghnar Chor


River and Riverbanks always attract people. Meghnar Chor is no exception. This place doesn’t provide much as a tourist place but as a citizen of Bangladesh, you're gonna like it as we love rivers and waters being surrounded by rivers all over around us.

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Mini Cox’s Bazar


Mini Cox's Bazar is basically a "Chor" in Chandpur district having a sandy river bank. In monsoon, this place remains under water, so you shouldn’t come to visit it then. And during winter, there's no water seen, so that season isn’t suitable too. You can come during other seasons and enjoy its charming beauty.

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Bangladesh National parliament


Generally excellent design by acclaimed American draftsman Louis Isadore Kahn, AIA, and RIBA gold medalist. The entire complex has a floor area of 8,23,000 sq. ft. in the principal building, 2,23,000 sq. ft. in the South Plaza, and 65,000 sq. ft. in the Presidential Plaza.

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Guliakhali Sea Beach

Muradpur Chittagong

In our Guliakhali sea beach trip, we simply went to Chittagong by a train from Dhaka. Then by a bus, we went to Sitakunda. Then by the help of a CNG we reached the beach. We were totally mesmerised by its beauty. We spent two hours there and had snacks. We stayed at a hotel at Chittagong and had our food there. The next day we headed back to Dhaka again. So it was a convenient and affordable one day trip.

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Saidpur Protestant Church


When we reached there to visit the Saidpur protestant church, it was closed. We were impressed seeing from outside as the red brick walls of the ancient building and the cross topped terrace attracted us. When we talked to the caretaker and he got to know we came from Dhaka to visit it, he opened it for us through the back gate and showed it to us. We were absolutely mesmerized by his cordiality.

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Bardhan Kuthi


We found utmost pleasure visiting this historical religious place. You can have mountain view from the top. The monastery will serve you with knowledge of Buddhism and local history & tradition. The architecture is eye-catching but the place is crowdy & hence not so clean!

Satisfaction: 77% | See Reviews |

Naikhongchhari Lake


The lake is located 120 km from Bandarban city and only 35 km from Cox’s Bazar. This is an artificial lake.This place is well known as an eco tour and picnic spot. The natural beauty is extraordinary. It is made even more beautiful by the rows of green leafy trees of different species.

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Hanuman Dhoka Durbar

Hanuman Dhoka Sadak, Kathmandu

Hanuman Dhoka is an ancient architectural site. It was once damaged by an earthquake happened in Nepal. Still it holds its beauty. We were awestruck seeing the nice architectural value. It is a hindu temple, hence prayers were taking place while we were there. It was a nice experience.

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Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve


Koshi Tappu wildlife Reserve is a place full of greenery. The people in charge handles the wild animals with care and love. This place is really well maintained by the responsible authority. We were satisfied with our little tour amongst the wild lives who grew up there.

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Mainamati Museum


I visited the famous Mainamati museum some years ago. There were daily used things, furnitures and paintings by the ancient people of around 1000 years ago. They hold an image of their lifestyle. We were totally charmed by those things.

Satisfaction: 81% | See Reviews |

Lalon Shah's Mazar


Lalon Shah was a mystic philosophical person of ancient Bangla. His Mazar still holds his teachings. His tombstone is there. His followers are still there following his life lessons and singing his songs. We sat there to enjoy Lalon Shah's Sufi songs there. We were utterly mesmerized.

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Shalban Bihar


Shalbon bihar is a Pahar style excavation site holding a sign of history and ancient culture. This ruin shows us that even the people of 7th century was this much civilized. We liked the place a lot as it gave us historical knowledge about ancient people.

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Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation


Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation was founded on 1975. It's a vast wetland full of greenery. We really like the countryside vibe coming here. The place was raw with natural beauty.

Satisfaction: 80% | See Reviews |

Binodia Family Park Zoo


Binodia Family Park was established at 1998 by Lieutenant Colonel Foyez Ahmed. It's beside the Shena Nibash. There are food stalls, fountains, cottages, children's park, zoo with amusing amount of natural beauty as well as artificial beauty. The place really kept us mesmerized.

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Chini Mosque


This Chini mosque is a ancient building which will serve anyone with great architectural pleasure. We roamed around the whole area and lost ourselves in the beauty of the mosque. We prayed our Asr prayer there and felt peace inside.

Satisfaction: 80% | See Reviews |

Himchori Waterfall and Hill Track

Himchori, Cox's Bazar

Himchori is a place of interest 6 kms from the Kolatoli point. Himchori became well known vacation destination for a little spring emerging from the slopes. Presently various cafés have added to the vacation destination. It is feasible to reach there in almost no time through marine drive. The other intriguing option is going for a stroll on the sea shore uncommonly during the low tide.

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International Mountain Museum

Pardi Bazaar, Pokhara

The International Mountain Museum is absolutely a phenomenal spot to find out about the Nepali culture regarding individuals, the fauna, the geology of the locale, and considerably more. I discovered the shows about the untamed life, the historical backdrop of the Nepalis public, the primary Everest, and other significant mountain endeavors along with the gear utilized during their ascensions fascinating and instructive. The gallery is very much kept up and is at the focal point of all.

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Char Kukrimukri


Char kukri mukri is a beautiful island having enormous sea view. Sunset and sunrise here is really mesmerizing. We found some interesting and majestic trees here as it's a place of mangrove forest and the trees grow here by salty water. The memory of that tour will always keep us charmed.

Satisfaction: 83% | See Reviews |

Fantasy Kingdom

Ashulia, Dhaka

Payment is required for the rides in addition to entrance fee. Most of the rides were out of work. The water park was fun with slides and a wave machine as well as a disco shower. It is recommended to take a change of clothing with lockers for hire available.

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Tagore Lodge


Tagore lodge is a nice historical building where Rabindranath Tagore stayed while setting up his business in Kustia. It holds great historical value. The building is really beautifully built. It gives a vibe of ancient jamindar mansion.

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Inani Sea Beach

Inani Sea Beach

It will take 1.2 hours approximately from Cox's Bazar town,the beautiful journey through the marine drive road will be a bonus for you! It is comparatively cleaner than the Cox's Bazar beach. You will be able to see the corals only when the water level is low.

Satisfaction: 73% | See Reviews |

Marine drive Road

Cox's Bazar

This is a one of a kind experience. If you visit Cox's Bazar, you MUST go on a drive here! There are numerous hotels and resorts along on the way and you can even stop by the beach for some quick photos. You will get a life time experience. You will get a taste of Sea & Hill at the same time. Wonderful!

Satisfaction: 91% | See Reviews |

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Novo Theatre

Bijoy sarani, Dhaka

The Novo theater is situated right in the core of Dhaka city and it's a decent spot to visit particularly if you have children with you. It's a planetarium theater. they have a huge Dome molded exhibition, where the 3D film appears. There are around 4 shows each day. beginning from 10 am up to 5 pm. Be that as it may, it's difficult to get the tickets. There is consistently a decent group and all tickets are frequently sold out

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Nagarkot Geodic Survey Tower


Nagarkot is a good drive from Kathmandu. You can move to see the tower yet propose you convey a couple of optics. Pinnacle is steep with a steep flight of stairs. Everest can likewise be seen from the lower part of the pinnacle too. This is a standout amongst other spots to watch sunsets. We can watch nightfall one side, Himalayan mountains inverse to settling Sun. It was simply delightful and banquet to vision.

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Shishu Udyan - Park


Joypurhat Shishu Udyan is situated at the center of the city Joypurhat. It's a joyous place for the kids with rides and amusement opportunities. Adults can enjoy the natural beauty.

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Himchari National Park

Himchari, Cox's Bazar

It is located 13 km East of Cox's Bazar town. The overall appearance of the forest is various patches of dense forest and grass lands. The climate is generally humid and warm. The park has tropical monsoons from June to September every year. The entire forest area is managed and is under the jurisdiction of Cox's Bazar South Forest Division.

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Ramna Park


This park is very clean and will give you a traditional and historical vibe. Every year, the nation celebrates the Bengali New Year( Pahela Boishakh) here. People visit the park in the mornings for jogging. It’s a nice place to roam around the park or sit on the benches to feel nature wholly.

Satisfaction: 75% | See Reviews |

Bibi Chini Shahi Mosque


Bibi Chini Shahi Mosque is situated at Barguna district. It has a brick wall shape with dome topped structure. It lookes like an ancient building. The building is 33 feet long and 33 feet wide. The walls are 6 feet long. This is an architecturally pleasing landmark.

Satisfaction: 81% | See Reviews |

Shopnopuri Artificial Amusement Park


Shopnopuri is an amusement park situated at the birth place of mine. So I've visited that place many times. There is a vast reservoir there which is my most favorite place there. Boating is possible and fun there.

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Mainamati War Cemetery


The main gate caught our eyes. The gate is elegant and a sign that this place is well maintained. There is a large cross monument at the centre of the place. We payed homage to the martyrs of the second world war.

Satisfaction: 80% | See Reviews |

Tajhat Zamindar Palace

Tajhat Road, Rangpur 5400

The Tajhat Royal Palace is really royal just like its name. This is is large white colored modern mansion having a majestic fountain at the front yard. The whole place looks like a vast fairy land. The place aesthetic for taking nice photographs.

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Sriti Shoudho - National Monument

Savar, Dhaka

National Martyrs' Memorial at Savar, about 35 km north-west of Dhaka built in memory of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of Bangladesh. The Monument tower designed by Arch Syed Mainul Hussain is composed of seven isosceles triangular planes, each varying in size in its height and base. Several mass-graves and a pool of water body are placed in front of the monument.

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White Monastery - White Gumba


This place is a must visit if you come to Kathmandu. The place is normally over crowded with tourists. Still the place is tempting because of its traditional value. It has ancient Buddha statue with modern structural temple complex.

Satisfaction: 79% | See Reviews |

Shuvolong Waterfalls


Shuvolong Waterfalls is situated inside the kaptai lake in Rangamati locale, Bangladesh. To visit this spot, you'll need a boat. There are 2 spots from where you can lease the boat - 1) Reserve Bazar and 2) Parjatan complex. The charge begins from 1400-1500 and ought not to surpass 200-2500. at this lease, you'll have the option to visit the lovely kaptai lake, Shuvolong Waterfalls, another little cascade that is neighboring the Shuvolong Waterfalls, It’s Amazing

Satisfaction: 61% | See Reviews |

Kaptai Lake


Kaptai lake is a huge natural water body which is the catchment of the mighty Karnafuli river. There is a beautiful picnic spot on a hilltop near Kaptai lake. This picnic spot is maintained by Naval Department. Few kms down the hill and you reach the Hanging Bridge over the Kaptai Lake of Rangamati. Don’t forget to try fresh fruits from the floating fruit sellers at the Hanging Bridge.

Satisfaction: 93% | See Reviews |

Hakaluki Haor


The area of Hakaluki Haor is 181.15 kilometre square. Most part is in the Borolekha upazila. We, a group of friends, went there for a tour. We enjoyed the sunset there. On boats, we spent the night there counting stars in the clear sky amidst chipping of birds. We also enjoyed the beautiful sunrise afterwards.

Satisfaction: 89% | See Reviews |

Madhutila Eco Park


The Madhutila Eco Park was founded at Sherpur in 1999. We found a deep green forest there with wonderfully chirping birds everywhere. It comprises an area of 380 acres. We saw the Bangladesh-India border nearby.

Satisfaction: 83% | See Reviews |

Baro Shibaloy Mondir

Amla, Joypurhat

This is a holy place consisting of 12 Shiv temples. This is an ancient temple with classic structural beauty in white. River Jamuna is flowing by its side which increases its beauty even more. We really enjoyed visiting this place.

Satisfaction: 80% | See Reviews |

Liberation War Museum


This exhibition hall is a landmark to Bangladeshi autonomy and the conflict battled with Pakistan for the opportunity. The outside is under significant remodel and you need to toil through the mud to get to it. However, by all methods arrive. There are sufficient English logical sheets with the goal that you can genuinely comprehend the monstrosities. The presentations, photographs, and recordings are nerve-racking however give genuine understanding into the Bangladeshi battles for nationhood.

Satisfaction: 83% | See Reviews |

Independence Monument


The landmark is put on the specific point where the platform was from which the Father of the Nation pronounced the Independence of Bangladesh. The enormous pinnacle and the light applied from it make it noticeable from practically any piece of the city. There is an interminable fire recognizing the daring ones who parted with their lives for an autonomous Bangladesh. Love this spot and will prescribe it to anybody going to Dhaka.

Satisfaction: 97% | See Reviews |

Marine Drive Sea Beach

Cox's Bazar

The landscape is wonderful one side the ocean and opposite side the mountains, an extraordinary blend. truly preferred the delicate breeze and the smell of the ocean.

Satisfaction: 76% | See Reviews |



The idea of Sundarbans is so unique thus so stunning to appreciate. I think it is truly unparalleled by its God-talented unbelievable highlights. Each explorer on the planet should visit our Sundarbans at once least in the course of their life, not yet it will be a subject of incredible difficulty to life.

Satisfaction: 91% | See Reviews |

Sitakunda eco park


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