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Lawachara National Park

Address: Moulvibazar -

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About Lawachara National Park

Attraction Name: Lawachara National Park

Attraction Country: Bangladesh

People Visited This Place: 7

Tourist Satisfaction: 81%

Lawachara National Park timezone: Asia

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Details Information of Lawachara National Park

Open Time

9 am


20tk Ticket

Visit Duration

4 hour

Best time / season to Visit

Any time

Wheelchair Accessibility

Wheelchair Not Accessible

Best For ( amenities )

All Age

Facts about Lawachara National Park

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This is a tropical forest in Bangladesh with wild animals, tribal people, and nature.



Lawachara National Park (Bengali: ) is a large national park and wildlife reserve in Bangladesh. The park is located in the northeastern area of the country in Kamalganj Upazila, Moulvibazar District. It is situated within the West Bhanugach Reserved Forest, which covers an area of 2,740 acres (27.4 km2).


How much family-friendly is Lawachara National Park

Lawachara National Park is a family-friendly place. You can visit here with their friends and family.


Safety issues in Lawachara National Park

Lawachara National Park is pretty much safe for visitors. But there has a huge amount of wildlife in this park, always take your safety.


Hospitalities in Lawachara National Park

People at Lawachara National Park are very friendly and the tour guide is very polite. You will enjoy visiting Lawachara National Park very much.


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Is Lawachara National Park worthy to visit?

Travellers average satisfaction about this place is 81 and 7 people visited this place.
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Travellers Experience / Reviews about Lawachara National Park

Mst.Sumaya Akter visited at: 2019-09-27

This place was amazing.This national park is not large, but it is nevertheless worth visiting. Arrive early to avoid the crowds of locals. Foreign travelers appear to be required to hire a guide. If at all possible, avoid the guide; ours provided no value and the park is really safe. Furthermore, as suggested in our guesthouse, the guide cost was substantially lower at the park entry.

Satisfaction: 84%

Aleef Hasan visited at: 2020-06-05

It's an exceptionally pleasant little rainforest and looks greener in Monsoon, The natural life is in jeopardized conditions and not many wild creatures are seen around. Following or Cycling is a decent alternative and you can reach effectively from Sri Mangal city. It's close to Grand Sultan resort and you have simple access as a street goes through the timberland. towards Kamal Gong and now and again you will get CNG (tuk-tuk ) running which is a reason for obliterating the quiet climate

Satisfaction: 92%

Ripon Hossain visited at: 2019-11-01

One of the Outstanding sightseeing places in Bangladesh. Continuously love to go there. You can take a guide and visit Khasia Punji. Guide administration is accessible. Separate ticket rates for nearby and foreign guests. One of the primary fascination in this hold timberland is trees of these woods are extremely tall. Popular 7 layer tea is accessible at a particular time.

Satisfaction: 88%

Niyamul visited at: 2020-04-30

You will get two path to find Lawachara National Park, these are 30 minutes and 3 hours individually. Its better to appreciate the nature in early morning. You can find numerous birds, hoolock (uncommon species) and obviously such countless trees. There is a rail-track inside the wilderness, which is beautiful. Some piece of Oscar winning film "All throughout the planet in 80 days" was shot between (1954-1955) at "Lawachara National Park", It will just require 20-30 minutes from Sreemangal city

Satisfaction: 97%

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