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Central Shaheed Minar


On February 21, 1952, numerous individuals were murdered in the Bangla Language Movement. It is a public landmark in Dhaka. A notable spot in Bangladesh A country's thankful accolade for a rare sort of people who made a definitive penance. This isn't the reason it is one of a kind, it's the justification for this penance. Never in the archives of mankind's set of experiences was such a penance made. Today this has become the image of International Mother Language Day.

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Malnicherra Tea Estate

Airport Road, Sylhet

On the off chance that you need a total bundle with setting up camp, wilderness climbing, and some treetop exercises, this is the ideal spot for you. you can employ a tent to remain, take a short or long path to stroll into the wilderness. by and large, this is a quiet and peaceful spot.

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Bangladesh National parliament


This is the most iconic structure in whole Dhaka city. Designed by famous French architect Lui Kan. It’s surprising to see that Bangladesh has a much better parliamentary building than many developed nations. This is a must-see for any foreign visitor. The roads in front of it are very wide and traffic is always clean here.

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Swayambhunath Stupa


Swayambhu Nath Stupa is extraordinary compared to other spots to visit in Kathmandu. Old spot with an entire parcel of engineering and culture. From that point, you can see the entire Kathmandu valley. Better to go in the daytime and the evening, so you can feel both nonexistent sentiments. We adored this spot. Energetically prescribed to visit.

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Haziganj Grand Mosque


This mosque has nice interior having star printed mosaic on while marble and dome-topped. This is well maintained mosque by the authority as even if being so ancient, it still looks new & modern. It was built by Hazi Ahmed Ali Patwary decades ago. So it is a historical asset for us.

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Kuakata Sea Beach


Beautiful and Awesome place to visit! It's really enjoyable to spend quality time amongst the beauty of Bangladesh. It is a nice place to travel with friends.

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Tazing Dong


Mount Tazing Dong (1230 Merers) is situated in the Ruma thana of Bandarban locale. It is about a day of stroll from Boga lake. It is supreme harmony once you're up there. The path up to the pinnacle can be now and then testing because of the high inclination of bloodsuckers. Worth going through a night in the tent and see both the nightfall and dawn.

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Patenga Sea Beach


Patenga sea beach is the coastline of the Bay of Bengal that stumbles into the southern district of Bangladesh and the Indian Ocean. It is the last furthest reaches of the city of Chittagong territory. A regular huge number of individuals assemble here to see the smoothness of the ocean. Nearby the Shah Amanat International Airport and Naval preparing foundation the spot is gotten just as holds a ton of attractions

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Mashajan Dighi


This "dighi" is a combination of history and nature. The water is freshly green. There is greenery all over the area. You can sit on the bank, also try a bit of boating.

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Liberation War Museum


The Liberation War Museum exhibits the multidimensional battle for autonomy of Bangladesh in 1971 and its previous inheritances like the Bengali Language Movement and other popularity-based battles. It is an unquestionable requirement visit for those inspired by history and the governmental issues of country building.

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Bhatiary Golf & Country Club

Bhatiari Chittagong

This world class golf club of Chittagong is associated with army gold club situated at Kurmitola. So it's really well maintained under army's observation. This place is full of greenery and posh vibe. The membership process of easy and authentic. It's a place full of security.

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Dhanuka Manasa Bari

Mandir Road, Shariatpur

Manasa Bari is situated at Dhanuka of Shariatpur. It's located just behind the local police super's office. A large pond is there at the right side. There's also a bunglow style sloped & roofed monument there as Manasa Mandir there. The place is full of antiquity.

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Sagarmatha National Park


Sagarmatha Is an extremely Amazing spot !! I can not believe I have been there on a particularly paramount occasion of my life. I so grateful to our Guide it's so natural for us. I WILL prescribe him to everyone. I might want to go there once more.

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Dasherhat Kali Mandir


this Hindu sanctuary is devoted to the Goddess Kali. As indicated by Hindu conviction, the goddess of the sanctuary is viewed as the watchman divinity of the town Kurigram and it is considered as one of the Shakti Peethas - where Sati Devi's body parts fell and subsequently came to be known as Shakti Peethas. This sanctuary was harmed by Pakistani warriors during the Bangladesh freedom war.

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BARD Kotbari


This hilly environment of the place took out my heart. It seemed so beautiful! As the place is restricted, it wasn’t crowded at all. There are circuit houses and residential areas, bunglows of the officers working there at places in the direction of the hill. We found a "Oalash tree" there for which the area seemed like a carpet of fire red Palash flower. We did a bit photography with the flowers.

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Lawachara National Park


One of the Outstanding sightseeing places in Bangladesh. Continuously love to go there. You can take a guide and visit Khasia Punji. Guide administration is accessible. Separate ticket rates for nearby and foreign guests. One of the primary fascination in this hold timberland is trees of these woods are extremely tall. Popular 7 layer tea is accessible at a particular time.

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Neval sea beach


This is the most flawless spot in Chittagong to appreciate the breeze of the Bay of Bengal. This is close to Patenga Beach and Butterfly park. You can appreciate tasty road food there and can appreciate an excellent evening with your loved ones. You can likewise appreciate flavorful supper at Boat Club there. Individuals who come to Chittagong for the most part don't pass up on the opportunity to visit the spot.

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Varendra Research Museum


The greatest resource of the exhibition hall of Varendra Research Museum is the sculpture of God Surya. No other gallery has this large number pieces of various kinds and sizes. The building has recently been renovated by certain altruists to reserve the authentic discoveries in the 1900s. An immense assortment of sandstone figures and coins are here. Many couldn't be displayed here due to shortage of display space said by the manager here.

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Rupa Lake - Rupa Tal


Rupa Lake is a similar region, a wetland, so it's an ensured territory. The assurance and rebuilding are driven by a nearby cooperative. I went there to see crafted by the helpful. It was astonishing. It's an incredible choice away from stuffed Phewa Lake. You can get nearby transports to improve to employ a vehicle and visit other lakes, like Lake Begnas.

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Haturia Jamidar Bari

Haturia, Gosairhat, Shariatpur

This spot is truly wonderful. You can get ready for a road trip with loved ones. It will take around 2/3 hours relies upon the traffic. The spot is wonderful, gotten, and all around kept up. You can even arrange for a night's stay. Several royal residences, two lakes, delightful nursery, kids play zone, and parcels.

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Tsavo National park


This is Kenya's greatest park and as I would like to think the best park in Africa. Astonishing crowds of Elephant families and you can see the wide range of various enormous five notwithstanding Crocs and Hippos in the waterway. The best and ideal opportunity to go is July in the dry season where you can see everything. Tsavo East in the dry season remains our top pick.

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Independence Monument


The Independence Monument, or 'Shadhinota Stambha' as it is brought in Bengali, has been raised at where autonomy pioneer and Father of the Nation - Sheik Mujibur Rahman - made his notable announcement of freedom before the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War. The landmark is set on the specific spot where the platform was and from which Sheik Mujibur Rahman conveyed his noteworthy discourse. This is likewise where the Pakistani armed force commanders gave up a couple of months after the fact!

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Nobo Shalbon Bihar


The temple is new and an epitome of modern Thai architecture. So we found it really beautiful. At the entrance of the stairs, the are two large golden colored dragon snakes at two sides to welcome you. The building is marble white with a large golden colored Buddha statue on its terrace top. The temple is well decorated and well maintained.

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Mahendra Cave


Interesting social experience seeing local people wandering into the cavern and accepting gifts from a Hindu minister. It merits bringing your light on the off chance that you can even though there are lights inside. Can be exceptionally occupied at the ends of the week.

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Prantik Lake


It is a beautiful natural place which will serve you with surrounding hilly area, swimming and boating. You can have swimming at this place and rent boat for a while. It will be best if you come here with friends.

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DC park pirojpur


Pirojpur DC park is a prominent park of Pirojpur situated at the center of the city. It's well managed by the DC office authority. The park is full of beautiful monuments. It's serves a big hint of nature also. We liked the park a lot.

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Monu Mia Zamidar Bari

Ghorashal, Narsingdi

Monu Mia Zamindar Bari is a jamindar palace situated at Ghorashal of Narsingdi. It's also known as Ghorashal Zamindar Bari. It's an epitome of beautiful architectural beauty. This is an ancient building. There's garden and vast green field in the front yard. We really liked the place.

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100 feet buddha

Buddhist Temple Rd Cox's Bazar

The statue is situated in Ramu Village in Cox’s Bazar. Roads leading to the Ramu village were bumpy and traffic was chaotic. Be prepared for that. You need to climb up a lot of steps. So carry drinking water with you. The temple and the statue gave us an exciting experience but there isn’t much than these to offer you after this long journey.

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Itakhola Mura


Itakhola mura is an excavation site situated at kotbari, Cumilla comprising a stupa complex. It's a sign of centuries old architectural efficiency. There are signs of deep digging here and there. You'll get to know a lot about our history coming up here.

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Sea Pearl water Park

Cox's Bazar

It is a artificial water park in Cox's Bazar. In you Cox's Bazar tour plan, you can add it too to have some fun in the water with DJ songs. The entry fee seemed a bit high. But if you can enjoy the place properly, it's totally worth it.

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Shishu Udyan - Park


We visited the place with the kids in my house as well as the neighbouring kids. It's an ideal place for the kids to have a nice time. The rides are pretty well, but I think the quality of the rides should be increased a bit. Safety measures should be taken. Otherwise the place was good to spend a quality family time.

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Rupban Mura


Rupban Mura is an excavation site holding the signs of history and architecture of 6th to 7th century. The stuffs indicating lifestyle of 11th to 12th century is also found here. It's a great historical place to visit.

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Mawa Ferry Ghat


Mawa ferry ghat is situated in Srinagar subdistrict Munshiganj District, Bangladesh. This ship ghat is open 24 hours since it is presumably the greatest ship terminal in Bangladesh. The enormous Padma Bridge is working close to Mawa ship ghat. One of interestingly, it is notable for its Hilsha Fish. Consistently a great many individuals' movement there for eating Hilsha Fish.

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Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Novo Theatre

Bijoy sarani, Dhaka

The Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman Novo Theater opened to the public on 25 September 2004. It was recently named Bhashani Novo Theater. It was made self-ruling by Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman Novo Theater Bill 2010. The space place was appointed by the Ministry of Science and Communication Technology of the Government of Bangladesh. Sharp, precise design appears differently about a focal, cutting edge vault and well-maintained grounds over a wide territory. An enormous vibe inside

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Jamuna Multi - purpose Bridge


When we were standing on the Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge getting off our car on our way to Sirajganj, we felt magical because of the fresh air there and because of the nice and strong design of the bridge.

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Laboni Sea Beach

Cox's Bazar

The oldest beach area in Cox's Bazar and undoubtedly the most popular one.Astonishing perspective on the seaside line throughout the entire day. Inns are close by. There is enormous market to purchase yet remember to deal. A few eateries are likewise accessible however better to be cautious about the food sources. Certainly a lifetime experience.

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Magic Paradise Park


It is one of the biggest Amusement Park in the Cumilla district. The place contains a Huge Dinosaur Zone, Multiple Rides, a Big Water World, Picnic Zone. Beautiful spot to spend time with friends and family.

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Gaibandha Pouro Park


This is park located at Park road in Gaibandha. Being Gaibandha my native home, I've visited this place several times. This place will give you a soothing and relaxing vibe. It wears a attractive look at the evening.

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Sixty Dome Mosque


Sixty dome mosque is in Bagerhat. It's an age old mosque having great historical value as well as huge architectural value. It's made around 12th century by Ulugh Khan Jahan. We were absolutely amazed seeing this world wide prominent mosque.

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Monpura Landing Station


Monpura landing station is a attraction to the tourists. It's at the sea side having splashes of fresh sea water and a wave of seaside fresh air. Large ships can be seen from here. Fresh fishes are available.

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Ahsan Manzil


This place is highly recommended for history lover travelers. It’s a great place to know about the ancient times. Ahsan Manzil was the official residential palace and seat of the Nawab of Dhaka. situated along the banks of the Buriganga River in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Construction was started in 1859 and was completed in 1872

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Kutubdia Island

Cox's Bazar Chittagong

This Island is well-known to the tourists for the charming light-house here. This place will serve with divine beauty. The Bay of Bengal is just beside the place. This is a tiny place but full of mysterious natural beauty. The beach is very majestic. The sunset and sunrise are eye-catching. You can see the ways of producing salt here. This place needs more advertisement and media coverage.

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Rajbana Vihara


It is a Buddhist monastery. Lots of tourist visit this calm place. There are a lot of monkeys. Tourists buy food and feed them. There are a lot of pigeon also. The area is out of sound pollution. Only birds chirping is heard. There is a mummy inside the temple. This mummy body is processed in Thailand We were amazed seeing this neat and clean area.

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Baro Shibaloy Mondir

Amla, Joypurhat

Baro Shibaloy Mondir is situated at a place named Amla in Joypurhat. It is a historical temple. Nobody knows surely of its origin & establishment. This is a shiv temple consisting of twelve 'Aloys'. That's why it's called "baro shibaloy". This place gave us great architectural pleasure.

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Armenian Church


We were really surprised to visit such a peaceful place in the middle of the old town. You are likely to have some problems getting in there as the traffic is awful but if you go on Fridays or on bank holidays, it will not take long to get there. Don't expect anything spectacular, the church is nice and cosy, will give a a soothing vibe.

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Sriti Shoudho - National Monument

Savar, Dhaka

If you are a Bangladeshi or a foreigner you must visit the national memorial if you haven't visited. It will let yoy feel the sacrifice & history of the birth of Bangladesh. This is a bit away from Dhaka at Savar. But on a weekend will not take more than 30 minutes from Dhaka.

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Hussaini Dalan

Bakshi Bazar, Dhaka

Hossaini Dalan is a religious place for the Shia community who are followers of Imam Hussain(R). It is located near the Chan Khar Pool, just in the left lane following the shops of Biriyani & sweets. You just need to walk for 3-5 minutes from the Chan Khar Pool junction. You can easily go there by buses as almost all the buses cross the Chan Khar Pool junction.

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Mujibnagar Aambagan


The formar name of Mujibnagar was Boiddonathtola. The place is situated at Meherpur. It's a historical place and a place of great importance. The memories of liberation war will refresh in your heart while visiting it. The place is well preserved with all the reminisces.

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Palace of King Bhoj


Bhoj Rajar Bihar was originally a cross shaped temple built in 7th century. The ruins were digged out in 1988. The excavation site later on was given a shape of a small temple. While digging the place, terracotta and designed bricks were found and preserved. The place is worth visiting.

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Meghla Parjatan Complex


This beautiful place is located in Bandarban. We enjoyed cable car and paddle boat there. A hanging bridge is a great attraction of this place. There are high hills, green trees and a lake which were delighted for us. This place is not wheel chair friendly as the stairs are quite steep. This is an enjoyable place for adolescents.

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Alutila Cave


Alutila cave is situated at Matiranga upazilla of Khagrachhari. It's far from the main town. It's a naturally built cave. There's immense darkness inside it. So we had to take torches and flames with us to witness the cave's beauty. The cave didn’t disappoint us at all.

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Mainamati Museum


We visited the Mainamati museum last year. There were ancient things discovered and used by people of ancient culture and civilization. Some things resemble things we know and still use, some seemed unknown. There were description of each thing with that.

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Shalban Bihar


This place is a ruin of ancient monastery of the 7th century. So antiquity is seen through all over the place. There are long pathways leading to the main center from the entry gate and a garden in a vast open space. We couldn’t see all the cells as the sun was on full form there to spread heat. We just visited some of the cells.

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Boudha Stupa (Bodhnath)

Boudhanath Sadak,Kathmandu

This is an unquestionable requirement to visit if you are in Kathmandu, and it is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is probably the greatest stupa in Nepal and the air is quiet. There is a parcel of enthusiasts who come to implore and ruminate. There is parcel of decent shops and cafés around the stupa.

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Ratargul Swamp Forest


Ratargul Swamp Forest is a freshwater swamp backwoods situated in Gowainghat, Sylhet, Bangladesh. Appreciate the Bisnakhandi charms of high mountains, twisted streams, agile cascades, and moving mists. The backwoods are normally moderated under the Department of Forestry. The evergreen timberland is arranged by the River Grain and connected with the Chengir Khal waterway. The majority of the trees that develop here are Koroch trees. The woods go under 20-30 feet of water during the stormy season

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Hazrat Shahjalal Mazar Sharif

Dargah Gate, Sylhet

Each time I visit Sylhet, I attempt to visit and implore at this mosque with Hajrat ShahJalal hallowed place. You see a gigantic group and extraordinary air. It's a memorable spot for each faithful parson because of the sanctum of Hazrat Shahjalal Rahmatullah. everybody needs to petition God for their mind fulfillment.

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Baliati Palace

Baliati, Manikganj

Baliati Palace is situated at Manikganj. People come here to enjoy picnics. The palace comprises of two buildings. One is of royal white color, the other is ancient ruins having brick walls. The place is really aesthetic.

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Mainamati War Cemetery


We, a group of friends went there by one of my friends' car. This stands in the cantonment area. The place is clean. There's no sign of mess there. The place was peaceful.

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Kathmandu Durbar Square


Durbar Square is as yet amazing notwithstanding the earthquake harm that was caused in 2015. A ton of the structures are supported and revamping work is progressing however the set of experiences and a large part of the design endures. There is an ostensible extra charge yet we would prescribe paying for a manual to take you around as you learn considerably more.

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Bagha Shahi Masjid

Bagha, Rajshahi

Beautiful earthenware mosque worked in 1523 A.D. It's around 44 km east/south-east of Rajshahi town. It's off the parkways and we took a vehicle. the street was acceptable and went through green paddy fields and mango forests. Such recorded structures can be unsalvageably by normal ordinary use - and should be safeguarded as legacy structures.

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Buddha Dhatu Jadi


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