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Places that Aleef Hasan explored.


Upaban Lake


We enjoyed the Naikhyangchhari Upaban lake a lot at night.There is a small tribal village next to the hanging bridge. We went there too. The people are really cordial. Their culture is really fascinating!

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Patenga Sea Beach


It's situated close to the Patenga town. The water is clean, It has numerous food courts for food and beverages close by, anyway, the cost is exceptionally high. right around an hour's drive from the city. numerous vehicles to go there. very well known among local people. useful for sunset view.

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Tsavo National park


Given how close this is to the coast and that it is so natural to arrive - certainly worth the visit for safari. It was moderately calm on the streets due to Coronavirus however we saw everything from elephants to lion whelps. There were loads of bird assortments and gazelle/impala. Heaps of delightful hotels to remain at and superb special night or family occasion.

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Boudha Stupa (Bodhnath)

Boudhanath Sadak,Kathmandu

Regardless of the climate, whether you are a Buddhist or not, this common spot should not be missed from your rundown of touring. It is a symbol of Nepal, and an incredible hallowed spot for Buddhists. There are eateries, shops, espresso places, encompass it. Individuals supplicate and stroll around the stupa in talking. This is the first recuperation milestone after the extraordinary shudder, which additionally means its significance of being.

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Himchori Waterfall and Hill Track

Himchori, Cox's Bazar

Himchori is around 9 km from Cox's Bazar, you need to go there through the wonderful marine drive street, and it's most of the way to Inani seashore. The Hills are arranged on one side and the ocean on the other, which makes it truly astounding. This is renowned for its cascade, however, in the colder time of year season, it practically vanishes yet during the blustery season.

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Tazing Dong


EXCELLENT PLACE. You can stay here for few days. I highly advised visit here.

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Lawachara National Park


It's an exceptionally pleasant little rainforest and looks greener in Monsoon, The natural life is in jeopardized conditions and not many wild creatures are seen around. Following or Cycling is a decent alternative and you can reach effectively from Sri Mangal city. It's close to Grand Sultan resort and you have simple access as a street goes through the timberland. towards Kamal Gong and now and again you will get CNG (tuk-tuk ) running which is a reason for obliterating the quiet climate

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Central Shaheed Minar


Shahid Minar is firmly associated with the historical backdrop of Bangladesh. It is the landmark of the Bengali Language Movement in Bangladesh. It is implicit in 1952. However, numerous copies are additionally underlying different pieces of Bangladesh. Consistently on 21st February, we Bangladeshi recognizes the passings and members of the Bengali Language Movement.

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Ahsan Manzil


An Architectural Beauty of Ahsan Manzil Ahsan Manzil remains a structural wonder of Dhaka. It was an image of extravagance, excellence, impact, and privileged. It is pondering to realize that Ahsan Manzil was the primary structure to have power. There are wonderful things to see inside and outside Ahsan Manzil It is arranged center of the old Dhaka, Very worth visit alongside the boat stumbles on the stream in the south!

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Bayezid Bostami Link Road


Bayejid Link Road connects Faujdarhaat to Shershah. This is a wide highway surrounded by hills in both sides. The sideways are full of greenery. This is a smooth clean road full of fresh air.

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Kuakata Sea Beach


The view of KuaKata sea beach at night is awesome. I along with three of my friends walked on the beach absorbing the beauty the whole night. This place is not so crowded at night. Foreign tourists visit this place with eagerness too. I will come to this place again and again. The silence of this place has stolen my heart.

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Lalbagh fort


Lalbag Fort is a traditional historical place located in old Dhaka. The place takes less than two hours to visit, but getting into and out of old Dhaka takes another 2-3 hours. Except this, it is a very nice place to visit in a short span of time within Dhaka. The buildings are architecturally pleasing and there's a very nice Mughol era mosque adjacent to it.

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Marine Drive Sea Beach

Cox's Bazar

This drive stretches out predominantly from Inani seashore to Teknaf. With slopes on one side and the thundering ocean on the other, the drive will take you to a different universe. I was returning from Teknaf to our lodging at Inani by this street in a twilight evening and the experience was ethereal. This is the best street for lengthy drives in Bangladesh. Ten on ten suggest.

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Phewa Lake


Phewa Tal is a lake in Nepal and is the greatest lake in Pokhara. It is acclaimed for having a ton of homegrown and worldwide vacationers who visit and sail, swim, and fish on the Phewa lake. The shadow of a close-by white mountain can be seen on the outside of the lake. There is likewise a Tal Barahi Temple Hindu sanctuary at the focal point of the lake. It's amazing.

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Boro Station - Park


If you go there in the early morning for a walk, this place will help you start the day afresh. The fresh water and fresh strong air will force you to come here again & again. Boating is possible and fun here. But do bargaining carefully. Stay careful of beggars and street children.

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BARD Kotbari


This is a local development project started at the year 1960. This place studies the life of local rural people and their life and works for the development. There are research rooms, office rooms there in an L-shaped building with a long balcony in the front. There's a nice garden with colorful blooming flower plants. This was a place of gathering knowledge for us.

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Laboni Sea Beach

Cox's Bazar

No words to portray. Stunning one. part of universes' longest beech with the blend of slope and ocean together. lovely picturesque excellence and all-out play of tones during nightfall with a blustery breeze. altogether genuinely stunning

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Nobo Shalbon Bihar


This place is really near the Shalbon Bihar. It's a walking distance. And this is place equally hot as the Shalbon Bihar. So walking without shoes were difficult for us. But as it's a holy religious place, we had to abide by the rules. Shoes are well kept, so they can't be stolen. The architecture of that temple kept us awestruck. We didn’t expect to see something like this in Bangladesh.

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Siddha Gufa - Siddha Cave

Bimal Nagar, Prithvi Hwy

A short climb uphill drove us to the passage point of this divine cavern. Dull inside with a cool environment. The guide showed us different designs normally made. The way is a bit interesting and hard to walk even though it is facilitated by stepping stools and ropes. Extremely somewhere inside vibration of our voice was stunning. Enthusiastically suggested for daredevils.

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Independence Monument


Independence Monument, magnificent delightful has been made at where Father of the country gave a require the opportunity and where Pakistan powers gave up in 1971. The legislature of Bangladesh chose to assemble this landmark in 1996 and development started in 1999. The landmark was planned by Kashef Mahboob Chowdhury and Marina Tabassum.The 50-meter high pinnacle made out of stacked glass boards, which remains at where the Pakistani Instrument of Surrender was endorsed toward the finish of the

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Shuvolong Waterfalls


It's one of the fascinating vacation destinations of Rangamati. On the off chance that you are going with family/group, rent a boat(fare is 1200-1500 in Bangladesh money) and begin moving along the lovely Kaptai lake towards the Shuvolong waterfall. The all-out outing may take 5-6 hours. On the route to the waterfall, visit one of the "island eateries and place your lunch order, so that you can prepare one on the return journey. It's Incredible.

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Chini Mosque


Chini mosque situated at Saidpur is an enormous mosque with ceramic work. The color combination and interior design are really exceptional. All the members of our tour team liked the mosque really very much.

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Neval sea beach


The Naval Beach is a standout amongst other home base spots for loved ones. It's simply adjacent to Karnaphully waterway bank and from the city, it should not take over 60 minutes. The night is entirely diverse as you will see moor light and mid-waterway transport light makes mystical feel. From this stream channel, lightships go to the external harbor. Patenga sea Beach and Chittagong airport just a walk away from there. Also, don't miss the crab fries from the nearby road shop there.

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Armenian Church


The Armenian Church is situated at the Armanitola area of old part of the Dhaka city. It’s a century old noteworthy architectural monument in the city built by the Armenian community in Dhaka during 17th and 18th centuries. According to historian, this church was completed in 1781, therefore, it’s one of the oldest church in Dhaka. So give yourself a historical pleasure by visiting this nice place!

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Curzon Hall, Dhaka University


Curzon Hall located in Dhaka University is a beautiful architecture of 20th century. It has the look of traditional British imperialistic design like kolkata or Delhi. The view of this building will give you great architectural pleasure.

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Rijuk Waterfall

Ruma, Bandarban

We had to take a boat journey with sound sight seeing upon Sangu river. It was not very deep, rather only 2.5/3 feet deep and our boat rocked over the Sangu river with a nice speed. After reaching the waterfall, we could see under the water and also over the water area. It gave us a fresh glance. It was a nice adventure tour indeed.

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Fantasy Kingdom

Ashulia, Dhaka

From Dhaka city, it is around 35 km. Many local buses starts from many places of Dhaka city for Fantasy Kingdom. The prices of all rides seemed to be unnecessarily overpriced. The rides were not running in the afternoon. Do not expect a lot of crowd there. At the water park, there are very few rides & you will have to pay additionally for tube, locker etc.

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Kathmandu Durbar Square


The stupa is splendid and strikingly wonderful as well. A feeling of quiet while strolling around clockwise. The view is astonishing environmental factors by slopes. Buddhist music gives this spot an exceptional environment and lively. Perhaps the best spot in Kathmandu.

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Bangladesh National parliament


A symbol of the people's power and unique creation. It's a must-see if you are in Dhaka Indeed... it's unique. Almost 200 Acres were inaugurated in the year 1982. This unique building is surrounded by an artificial lake, lush green plain, and beautiful architecture of Louis Kahn. The building is open for visitors and a very nice time to spend to see the beauty. So.... Don't miss it if you are around

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Baro Shibaloy Mondir

Amla, Joypurhat

The constructional origin of this temple is unknown. But the temple is designed with terracotta curving, that's why it's assumed that this temple was established during the reign of the Sens. They were strong devotees of Shiv. That's another fact proving the point. This is a magnificent vast temple to visit.

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Sriti Shoudho - National Monument

Savar, Dhaka

As a reminder of the Liberation War of Bangladesh, the memorial lies in the middle of a well manicured garden. It is surrounded by graves of unknown soldiers who helped to fight for the independence of Bangladesh. It might not be a "must see", but if you get a chance, definitely check it out to feel solemn respect for the martyrs.

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Ramna Park


The urbanization has shortened the area of the park as it was before but couldn’t diminish its beauty. There are 6 gates throughout the park and walkways surrounding the park. Lots of people come here for morning walks & jogging. They calm themselves in the midst of nature while taking care of their health. My father is one of them.

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Dhakeshwari Mandir


Dhakeshwari Temple is a trademark temple of Dhaka City. A myth says that Dhaka is named after Devi Dhakeshwari. It is located at Dhakeshwari Road, a place between Bakshibazar and Lalbag in Dhaka City. Visitors will find this place interesting.

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Hussaini Dalan

Bakshi Bazar, Dhaka

It has great architectural view. It's a historical place for couple of hundreds years & a holy place for the Shia. Every year a festival of the Shias on Ashura is celebrated here with mourning and religious gathering.

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Inani Sea Beach

Inani Sea Beach

This is a beach that you'd like your time spent on. It has very less crowd, clean water and area, very less photographer and locals. I even was there on a midnight and never felt it has security issue. On the other hand, it has the best marine drive experience including mountain on the other side.

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Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Novo Theatre

Bijoy sarani, Dhaka

Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman Novo Theater is otherwise called Novo Theater. This spot is situated in a bustling piece of Dhaka. This is where youngsters can go to find out about galactic things. I have been there multiple times. Each time I visit there I sense that it's my first visit there. There are showcases of the nearby planetary group and different things of room. There are models of new undertakings of Bangladesh

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St. Martin's Island

Cox's Bazar

Getting to this wonderful coral island is a two part journey. First go to Teknaf. There are several bus services to Teknaf from Dhaka ranging from budget to luxurious. You can reach Teknaf also from Chittagong or Cox's Bazar. From Teknaf, take a motor boat, sea truck or launch to St.Martins which is about a two hours journey. Happy visiting!

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Mawa Ferry Ghat


Mawa is around 50km away from Dhaka city, so we went there through neighborhood transport. It tooks roughly 3 hr including gridlock. Subsequently, we frist of all went Padma Resort which is a little island in Padma River. Padma resort one sort of invigorating spot. Passage expense of Padma resort is 50Taka (BDT). Individuals can remain here A day and late evening saving room. A café is arranged over yonder, you can eat food by types manu.

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Rupa Lake - Rupa Tal


If you are an explorer that loves quietness, This is the spot for you. This gives an inhale taking perspective and some comfortable restaurants around Rupa offer some remarkable food experience. The lake isn't pretty much as large as Begnas, yet it's encompassed by green slope and most of the lake is possessed by neighborhood co-usable residents so is observed and focused on.

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White Monastery - White Gumba


White Monastery is a holy place in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is a Buddhist Temple Complex. The place is vast & architecturally pleasing. There is Buddha statue & some small monuments.

Satisfaction: 80% | See Reviews |

Hanuman Dhoka Durbar

Hanuman Dhoka Sadak, Kathmandu

Hanuman Dhoka is a holy place holding historical value as well as architectural value. It gets many visitors, so the place remains overcrowded. During festivals, the place is full of religious people seeking God's blessings.

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Shopnopuri Artificial Amusement Park


Shopnopuri artificial amusement park is a park in Dinajpur full of artificial beauty and fantasies. It's not very far from the center of the city. You can take CNGs or autorickshaws, or also can take microbus if you’re a big tour team. The location is quite convenient and the place full of gardens is absolutely majestic.

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Thakurgaon Catholic Church


Thakurgaon Catholic Church was established in 1964. It's in the center of Thakurgaon zilla. The big cross on the cathedral rooftop really caught our eyes. We met the parish priest Fr. Prodip Marandi. What a knowledgeable and amicable person he was! He told us about the history of the church as well as about religion. The Thakurgaon Parish is also known as Blessed Virgin Mary Church.

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Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve


Koshi Tappu wildlife Reserve is a well maintained place by the authority which is located at the eastern region. It is a safe place despite having wild creatures there. The animals are well taken care of. We had lunch at a nice restaurant nearby at a reasonable cost.

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Gaza society


The historic Gaza society of Naogaon is now the office of Department of Narcotics Control. It's located by the riverside for cultivating marijuana. So the environment is nice, clean & dust free. Later on, a chimney was built to burn out all the cultivations as it was illegal then. The chimney is still there if you're interested! The british architecture of the building will amaze you.

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Hazrat Shahjalal Mazar Sharif

Dargah Gate, Sylhet

This Dargah is the place where Hazrat Shahjalal is the place where Hazrat Shahjalal is recollected. He was known to have come here inside this district and lecture Islam with a couple of his adherents. Individuals come and implore here for their tranquility and mental stability. It is very wonderful yet occupied now and again. It is additionally verifiable.

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Sagarmatha National Park


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Parsa Wildlife Reserve


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Mashajan Dighi


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