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Kurigram Central Mosque


You can go to Kurigram on your vehicle or transport and train. You can get transports from Asadgate, Kalyanpur, and Gabtali in the capital Dhaka, transports like Nabil, Haque Special, Hanif, Tanjila, and ENA can be taken to Kurigram.. Fish in Kurigram is popular everywhere in the country. In this way, you can come here and eat various types of fish. There are likewise broad quality cafés for food.

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Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park, Gazipur


The place is with a huge region and multitudinous trees are inside. The elephant riding is typical here. There are parts of birds and creatures are inside the recreation center yet you need to pay independently for satisfaction. The eateries are not arranged with appropriate arranging and the cost is a piece high. But there is tranquil nature inside and the absence of a resting place.

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Kirtipasha Jamindar Bari


The name of the town is after the Zamindar Kirtinarayan Pasha. Also, the author of the Zamindar Bari was Ramjibon Sen. Just one of the structures from this huge property was in acceptable condition. At this moment that one is a piece of a young lady's school alongside recently constructed structures. The Zamindar Bari premise has a Shiva sanctuary inside

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Jagaddal Vihara


Jagaddal Vihara is one of the antiquated Buddhist Bihar in Naogaon, Rajshahi Division, Bangladesh. This part is in the Northern piece of Bangladesh. You will require more than a few Bus rides to arrive, Though there are just demolishes left yet have the creative mind of that time people. There is an excursion spot too so you can go through the entire day.

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Bangabandhu Bridge


Bangabandhu Bridge, regularly called the Jamuna Multi-Purpose Bridge is a scaffold that opened in Bangladesh in June 1998. It interfaces Bhuapur on the Jamuna River's east bank to Sirajganj on its west bank. It was the eleventh longest extension on the planet when built in 1998 and right now the sixth-longest scaffold in South Asia. It was built over the Jamuna River, one of the three significant waterways of Bangladesh, and the fifth-biggest on the planet in release volume.

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Sompur Mahavihara

Paharpur, Naogaon

This wonderful Buddhist Vihara is a gem of Bangladesh and the whole locale of Bengal. It is enthusiastically suggested that you get a few books at the slow down (run by the public authority) close to the principal access to find out about the memorable compositional site.

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Hatia Island


This is a lovely island under Hatiya Upazila of Noakhali. It's a characteristic stunner of mangrove woodlands where you will discover Deers of explicit species and Monkeys. From Dhaka, you can go Tomzuddion by dispatch from Sadarghat dispatch terminal or go to Shonapur by direct transport from Sayedabad or Jikatala, at that point you need to arrive at director ghat, the section point of Hatia Island. It is smarter to visit this island with a nearby guide.

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Malnicherra Tea Estate

Airport Road, Sylhet

More noteworthy Sylhet the place that is known for two leaves and a bud, the significant tea ranch region, and the home of the Manipuri, Khasia, and Garo ancestral individuals. This is situated in the delicate inclining upland in the beautiful valley between the Khasi-Jaintia and Tripura slopes, amid picturesque tea manor and lavish green tropical backwoods is a superb fascination.

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Achranga Dighi

Khetlal, Joypurhat

A pleasant spot to invest some tranquil energy, very little swarmed, loads of steps, astounding views.... can find astounding dusk sees for photography

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Hazrat Shah Madar Dargah Sharif


The Dargah is a major fascination for guests. We stopped about a km away from the Dargah and strolled the pathway to the passageway. On the two sides, there are various stores. Normally an exceptionally huge footfall ordinary given that this is an acclaimed altar. We were fortunate to get a "darshan" close by other people. We offered blossoms and petitions for everybody. Also, had tea inside the sanctuary. The Dargah is extremely wonderful and one can feel the energy of serenity

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Sher-e-Bangla Memorial Museum

Chakhar, Pirojpur

We have a ton of exhibition halls in Bangladesh, the vast majority of them are ineffectively kept up with arbitrary adornment and rank climate, yet this one is an exemption. This is probably the best gallery to know Bangladesh freedom war. I will in any case say this historical center is tedious on the off chance that you visit Bangladesh public exhibition hall you will see similar stuff in our freedom war part.

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Mozaffar Garden & Resort


The solitary course to go to Satkhira from Dhaka is by street. You can take transport to go to Satkhira, crossing the waterway by ferry. Mozaffer Garden and Resort are 4.5 km away from Satkhira. After arriving at Satkhira take transport or CNG auto cart

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Gulshan Lake


This is a recreation center in a moderately decent region in the city. It's anything but a back street encompassing a lake. It is perfect and quiet. A decent break from the city turmoil

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Rabindranath Tagore's Shilaidaha Kuthibari

Kumarkhali, Khulna

The spot mirrors the recollections of Rabindranath Tagore. It is an enormous region and the outside is very much arranged and built. The inside has heaps of photos of the artist. It is a decent spot for a day-long visit.

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Hiron Point Bangladesh


World's biggest mangrove with fascinating birds, the most savage tiger who kills to appreciate and mind men as simple ask, deer, crocodile, beautiful crabs, immense partner of verdure, stay on a straightforward boat at noon mid waterway with evening glow, or cold stormy day. Can remain at Sanjekhali govt visitor house or Sundarban Residency. Loaded with guided visits and boats.

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Nijhum Dwip Beach


This is a lovely island under Hatiya Upazila of Noakhali. From Dhaka, you can go Tomzuddion by dispatch from Sadarghat dispatch terminal or go to Shonapur by direct transport from Sayedabad or Jikatala, at that point you need to arrive at director ghat, the passage point of Hatia Island. At that point, you need to take a Motorboat or Ship to arrive at Hatia and from that point, you can go to Nijhum Island by nearby speedboat.

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Pagla Masjid


A recorded mosque that was inherent in the time of Isha Kha. It is an over 200 years of age mosque. The Muslim, as well as hindu individuals, come here for the gift. This mosque is likewise popular for accepting an enormous measure of gifts. It is arranged close to the bank of the narsunda waterway. There is a plan for saying petition by ladies. A madrasa is likewise run by the asset of the mosque.,

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Jadukata River


Jadukata River is quite possibly the most alluring places of interest and excellent spot at Sunamganj in Sylhet division, arranged at the boundary among Bangladesh and the Indian territory of Meghalaya. eclipsed by subtropical mountains and tropical jungles, close excellent tekerghat. It is a grand spot close by Tangua'r Hawor. The boat ride from Sunamganj to Jadukata stream is wonderful, it's a lifetime boat venture insight. An absolute necessity visit place...

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Naldanga Temples

Naldanga, Jhenaidah

Naldanga Temple Complex was work in 1656 by Maharaj Indranarayan Debroy. The absolute number of sanctuaries adds up to six. The then government modified those, however were obliterated because of mobs. Modifying measure is as yet being continued

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Payra River side


The boat ride here is something one could dream of. The waterway water is so spotless and clear that you can see very somewhere down in the water and see the reasonable rocks. They likewise have precipice hopping, kayaking, and other water exercises There are relatively few acceptable lodgings here and most are only homestays with essential conveniences yet all are slick and clean.

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Chandragiri Hills


This place is a bit expensive as the cable car charges 500 per student and the cafes are not so reasonable. The place is a bit crowded but the view is mesmerizing. It is a fun sport and also has a separate children's playground.

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Tetulia Jame Mosjid


Tetulia Shahi Mosque is also called the Khan Bahadur Salamatullah Mosque. This mosque was founded by Khan Bahadur Maulvi Qazi Salamatullah Khan, the then Zamindar (medieval ruler) from the Qazi group of Tetulia. He was likewise the originator of the house named Salam Manzil (presently in ruins) nearby. The six-domed mosque was fabricated in Mughal style in 1858.

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Hemnagar Rajbari

Hemnagar, Tangail

1) There are two different ways you can take to come at the Tangail region from Dhaka. Utilizing transport or utilizing Train. From Tangail simply employ any CNG-driven auto cart to drop you at Hemnagar It will be around 200 takas or less.

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Jor Bangla Mandir


Worked by Malla King Raghunath Singh in 1655 AD, the sanctuary made of laterite blocks has an appearance of two covered cabins combined and overcome by a solitary pinnacle. The sanctuary's rooftops and dividers have a traditional Chala style of design in earthenware. The boards and dividers portray the existences of the Royalty and stories from Epics.

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Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali's Tomb


The most acclaimed verifiable spot in Bagerhat. Situated external the town. The burial place of the strict holy person Khan Jahan Ali is situated here. The compound additionally had a huge lake called Khan Jahan Ali Dighi which is considered holy. The lake likewise had crocodiles in it. An absolute necessity watch while visiting Khulna Division.

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Bisnakandi Tourist Spot


It was not far away from Sylhet city however ride got time to reach Sonarpar, about 1h 30 m needed. After that have a boat ride for 1 hrs to get Bisakandi, it was an agreeable excursion for my family. Bisanakandi is the most appealing site for entire Bangladeshi traveler chiefly after a rainstorm is the incredible opportunity to visit that place because of the stream of clear water and clean green mountain view we appreciate .

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Michael Madhusudan Dutta Memorial House


This is the origination of incredible Bengali writer Michael Modhushudôn Dutta. He is renowned for his Bengali sonet. His origin is currently an exhibition hall showing his life history. The Kopotakkho River where the writer sits and composes his most sonnets is near his residence. But the exhibition hall is in terrible shape because of helpless upkeep.

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Madhabpur Lake


It's an intriguing lake encompassed by small adventurous slopes. There are blossoms of lilac lilies in the lake water. It was truly enticing to wash up in the water, however, I was wondering whether to wash up in the lake or not. A greenish and unadulterated environment will give you harmony.

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Belabo Bazar Central Jame Masjid


The primary organizer and land proprietor of the Mosque named 'Alhajj Mahmud Ali Bhuiyan' gave his territory for building this Mosque. Who is known as 'Mandi Bepari'. Later Abdul Kadir Mollah declared his terrific gift on a public spot in Belabo to fabricate this Mosque as a Mega Structure. Nearby individuals feel glad to be the occupants of this Upazila. Numerous individuals from various courses stay with this Mosque ordinary.

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Mohammad Ali Chowdhury Mosque

Sharishadi, Feni

Mohammad Ali Chowdhury Mosque is situated at Sharshodi, Feni Sadar Upazila. The Naib Nazim of Dhaka selected Muhammad Ali Chowdhury as the Founder of Feni in 1762. Muhammad Ali Chowdhury rebelled against the British; thus he lost his Zamindari in 1790.

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Garden of Dreams

Tridevi Sadak, Kathmandu

This nursery is situated behind the dividers encompassing it, which makes it calmer and separates it from the remainder of Kathmandu's commotion and residue. The section is 400 Nepali rupees for sightseers. A significant number of neighborhood couples come here as a heartfelt objective alongside incredible photograph openings.

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Birsesto Mostafa Kamal Library and museum


From Bhola principal town, you can without much of a stretch get transport or a CNG auto cart to arrive at Bir Shrestho Mostafa Kamal Memorial Museum in Moutupi mouja under Alinagar union. There are transport administrations accessible at Dhaka Gabtoli and Sayedabad counters to go to Bhola. There are two courses by street. You would whether be able to go to Bhola crossing Barisal or bypassing Lakshmipur. Great spot to visit

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Hatikumrul Navaratna Temple


It is generally little in size and has a more arch formed rooftop. A lake close to the sanctuary. This lake is encircled by different tales. Somebody says, 'There is a residence of divine beings and goddesses.' Another says, 'The depository of the property manager is covered up.'

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China Matir Pahar


While visiting the beautiful blue lake of birisiri, you can explore the china mud slope around the lake region. There are a few hillocks around the lake which are white in color. Therefore, they are called the "China Matir Pahar". You can climb along the slopes to reach top carefully to get a sensations of adventure. You will find the soil of the hillock very bright.

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Mostafapur Porbot Garden


This jewel is covered up and encircled by structures and no nature. When you enter the doors, you see trees, a waterway, livestock, and an estate dissimilar to some other. Dhaka doesn't have numerous attractions, yet if you need to see a lovely structure and find out about Bangladesh's history-this is the spot for you!

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Nidaria Masjid


Mughal subadar MANSUR KHAN gave 10.56 sections of land for Nidariya Mosque and fabricated it in 1176. In that time there was Motayalli as Ijar Mahmood Sheik, Bijara Sheik Mahmud,and Khan Mahmud Sheik. Individuals says in light of the fact that Subedar Mansur Kha's not of having dari for that the mosques was known as Nidariya. Presently the nearby individuals implore in this mosque.

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Tetulia river eco park


This is a notable outing spot in the Sherpur locale. Park's plan itself is intriguing, it was done in an extremely arranged way however now it's not exceptionally kept up. the vegetation will give you harmony. Uncommonly the Watch Tower is awesome. At glace visit up to Hills of Meghalaya. Pleasant encounters. Pleasant second I have passed.

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Tsunami Monument


Landmark to the Tsunami close to the harbor from where the ship to Maafushi leaves, near the seashore on the western side of the island

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Atiya Jame Mosque


Atiya Mosque is arranged at Delduar Upazila in Tangail region. The excellent legacy mosque is 400 years of age and encompassed by the serene Louhojong River on its eastern side. The notable Atiya Mosque used to be on the old Ten Taka note of Bangladesh. The plans, design designs and earthenware boards of the mosque mix agreeably to cover both the Sultanate and Mughal highlights of Bengal. It is worth visit renowned Atiya mosque.

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Durga Sagar

Swarupkathi, Barisal

It's in the Babugonj Upazila and around 11 kilometers from the Barisal region. Guthrie masjid isn't a long way from that point. the water of the lake is clear and cool. there is a little island (a lot of trees) in the lake.

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Kanuhuraa Island

Lhaviyani Atoll

Kanuhura is a delightful area with a great deal to offer. We remained in a water estate which consistently had a decent breeze and excellent sea sees.

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Dhanmondi Lake


Dhanmondi Lake, situated inside the racket and clamor of the capital Dhaka, resembles a throb of a small bunch of nature. The lake has come to be known as Dhanmondi Lake because of its area in the Dhanmondi region. A brilliant mix of green trees and water has made Dhanmondi Lake famous with individuals, all things considered. So for the purpose of strolling or having a walk or vivacious talk in the early evening with a friend or family member, Dhanmondi Lake is loaded with guests.

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Richhang Waterfall


Richhang Fall is a fascination of Alutila Hill, which is 10 kilometers from the town of Khagrachori in Matiranga Upazilla of Khagrachori. One needs to walk 2 kilometers through sloping bricked streets by foot to arrive at the Fall. A little shop there sells beverages and tidbits. Everyone makes the most of its clear water round the year yet the stormy season is more wonderful. The spot is ringed by thick tropical jungles that sanctuary a wide assortment of birds and creatures.

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Beel Bhatia Wildlife Sanctuary


Been to part of a wilderness safari place however, this was unique since it likewise with family and children, Although we didn't saw any large creature just got a sight of a monkey and dears and parcel of peacock yet truly delighted in the wilderness safari promotion it's a thick woodland.

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Saat Gombuj Jaame Masjid


Situated close to the Bagerhat-Khulna Highway, around 5 km from Bagerhat town. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is the biggest mosque from the Sultanate time frame. Even though it is named as Shait-Gumbad or sixty arches mosque it has 81 vaults dependent on stone columns. By one way or another, it has lost its old take care of being renovated exceptionally the columns. There is a huge Dighi. An unquestionable requirement watch for history sweethearts.

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Khaptad National Park

Western Nepal

Khaptad national park is one of the best places I've ever been. It's full of natural beauty. The place is surrounded with mountains. It's a place carrying a huge hint of wildlife.

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Gangasagar Dighi

Akhaura, Brahmanbaria

well-known Hindu journey, blessed shower on Amavasya, Makar Sankranti. Ganga meets Sagar. had to take a ship from ship point, takes 1 hour approx to reach from ship point and afterward 20 additional km by street to arrive at the specific spot.

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Panchagarh Rocks Museum


The Panchagarh Rocks Museum is the principal rocks historical center of Bangladesh. It is situated in Panchagarh Govt. Prof. Nazmul Haque, head of Panchagarh Govt. Mohila College set up the stones exhibition hall on March 1, 1997. The Rocks Gallery is discrete into two exhibitions, outer, and interior. In the outside display, there have countless rocks; and in the inward exhibition, there are little stones of various ages.

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Ratargul Swamp Forest


Haven't been to a spot with more prominent quietness. Access isn't happy as one requirement to cross the stone squashing region, yet is lovely when you get into the boat to enter the marsh. Being in the dry season, the water was just 5-6 feet, the boat could convey us not exactly the distance as one could cover in the wet season. Birds, monkeys, snakes are available and seen from the boat.

Satisfaction: 97% | See Reviews |

Mohasthan Garh


it resembles 30 mins drive from the city. a renowned archeological site. for the most part an old Buddhist cloister site. there is a gallery additionally colocated here. nonetheless, things might have been kept up and kept in a superior structure. should visit the place for the set of experiences buffs.

Satisfaction: 85% | See Reviews |

Surma Bridge

Chhatak Sunamgonj Rd

A bridge built 200 Years ago during the British Raj, I find it overwhelming every time I cross over it, it's a very powerful feeling crossing over the bridge, I feel how iconic it must have looked when there was not much in Sylhet to see, today only rickshaws and bikes are allowed over the bridge and emergency vehicles, it's worth a walk over you get to see the river Surma

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Hazrat Shahjalal Mazar Sharif

Dargah Gate, Sylhet

A tranquil place of worship. Found near the fundamental downtown area. A mosque and dargah are assembled. Numerous devout Muslims say their prayers, enlighten candles, agar Bati toss perfumed water. We saw so numerous pigeons around the dargah. A holy place.

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Bhawal National Park


This is an amazing spot. In beginning, it was the backwoods of Madhupur under the standard of Bhawal Estate. It is situated in Gazipur, Dhaka Division of Bangladesh, roughly 40 km north of Dhaka city, just 20 km drive from Gazipur and 20 km from Kapadia. The center space of the recreation center covers 940 hectares however reaches out to 5,022 ha of encompassing backwoods.

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Lalon Shah Bridge


The scaffold is 1,800 meters (5,900 ft) long and is the fourth-longest street extension of the country, after Jamuna Bridge, Meghna Bridge, and Meghna-Gomti connect. It gives significant street association with Mongla port of Khulna District in the south from Rajshahi division and Rangpur division, the northern piece of Bangladesh. It is arranged corresponding to and south (downstream) of Hardinge Bridge.

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Nijhum Dwip National Park


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