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International Mountain Museum

Pardi Bazaar, Pokhara

The exhibition hall is a very spread-out show of the different people groups and societies of Nepal, alongside an abundance of antiquities of life in the mountain districts. Photos of the different Himalaya mountain runs alongside information on environmental change makes one can't help thinking about what's on the horizon. An absolute worthy visit.

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Shri Pashupatinath Temple


This sanctuary committed to Lord Shiva is maybe the greatest Hindu temple in Nepal. Inside the city's furthest reaches of the city of Kathmandu, the sanctuary is said to pull in lovers in enormous numbers over time from all pieces of the world, especially from India. Some says this sanctuary traces back to 400 BC. It is a UNESCO affirmed legacy place. Great place to visit.

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Bangladesh National parliament


Resembling something from a dystopian, futuristic movie it was an amazing experience to be able to see inside this building. The architecture is fascinating and very unique. We had to apply well in advance and supply a lot of visa/passport information and there is the usual…

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Boro Station - Park


Boro station is at the center of Chandpur town. You can take auto to go there costing 15-20 tk/person from any corner of Chandpur town. And to reach Chandpur you can take launch or bus. Launch will be the best option if you can as Chandpur is a place of Rivers. You can stay at hotels here at a really cheap price.

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Meghnar Chor


I went to visit Meghnar Char with my friends. We took a trawler from the Boro station ghat costing 400 tk. It waited while we were wandering in the place and returned with us. It was a nice afternoon visiting that place.

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Marine Drive Sea Beach

Cox's Bazar

Every minute was enjoyable The Marine Drive prompts Teknaf from Cox's Bazar. The street is right around 80 km long and the longest marine drive on the planet. Likely perhaps the most excellent likewise, with ocean see in one side and slope in the opposite side. An unquestionable requirement for each guest in Cox's Bazar. In transit, you can appreciate Himchori and Inani sea shore moreover.

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Patenga Sea Beach


Potenga sea beach is the second long ocean seashore in is acclaimed for Clean ocean seashore .there have part of Sutki fish, sea Samuk, Barmis achar, sendal, garments, and so forth Winter season is better an ideal opportunity for Sea Beach visit .companions visit or family visit generally mainstream. You can likewise visit alone. some merchandise thing needs on this tour. train venture more agreeable. From Dhaka area to Chittagong by use additionally transport.

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Sangu River View Point


It's a lovely waterway encompassed by green slopes. Stones of various sizes are to a great extent.. now and again under the boat next to the boat..! Water is perfect and alleviating. Washing in the Sangu waterway is an activity... just if you can swim or have a daily existence coat (during the winter)...! There stays solid momentum on Sangu during the long periods of July-September, so no explorers or travelers are permitted to pass by the waterway during that time/rainstorm.

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Golap Gram

Birulia Road, Dhaka

The flowers there were of high quality, fully bloomed, deep red colored! They nurture the roses well, I must say! From Dhaka, One can take a Bus, car or any other vehicles. It takes less than an hour to reach. However, we took a boat just to enjoy the country side and saw riverine activities.

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Char Kukrimukri


Char kukrimukri is a wetland. Not a sandy one as it's a mangrove forests. So there are trees there with pointy roots outside of ground for breathing. This scenario increases the beauty of this island. The beautiful birds add to the it more.

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Mini Cox’s Bazar


I went their with my college friends through a trawler. We booked it for both up and down trip. The trawler journey was surreal with sun on our head and waves splashing against the trawler. It was exciting. The mini cox's bazar offered us a long sandy beach full of small corals. We splashed water on each other. Enjoyed a lot!

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Rijuk Waterfall

Ruma, Bandarban

I hired a guide from Ruma bazar - he took me there. It's such a big waterfall. You need to go by boat or even you can trek up to there. Be safe.

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Haripur Jamidar Bari

chandra Chadpur

The architectural structure of Haripur Jamidar bari is really pleasing. It's large and straight line shaped. This gave us a mosque vibe. But you'll find it huge if you go inside. The design of the terrace is pretty interesting with mini royal exteriors.

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I, with my friends, went on Cumilla tour. We visited the Dharmasagar then. At the entrance we saw a vast lake which indeed reminded us of "sagar". There are places alongside of the lake to sit and chitchat. Roadside snacks are available. The vastness as well as the freshness of the lake mesmerized us.

Satisfaction: 84% | See Reviews

Itakhola Mura


Itakhola Mura is situated at kotbari, Cumilla, on a hillock just opposite the Rupban Mura. So you can visit these two places in one go. Itakhola Mura is also an archeological site comprising historical architecture.

Satisfaction: 81% | See Reviews

Ramna Park


In Ramna park, you will find Laughing clubs, Exercise clubs, Walking clubs present and full of lives from dawn to early morning. As time advances, normal passers-by and couples enjoy the beauty of the park. They normally come at the afternoon. The park usually closes at evening due to security concerns although security is tight and the area itself is secured enough as the area is a quite VIP area having important offices.

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Tagore Lodge


Tagore lodge, an architecturally pleasing residencial building in Kushtia, is a beautiful small two storied duplex building. Each storey has 3-4 rooms. It's bright brick pink color like elegant mansions of jamindars. This is now a museum.

Satisfaction: 83% | See Reviews

Fantasy Kingdom

Ashulia, Dhaka

There are packages that include some rides but it's not worth it. I don't think it is wise to waste your time driving about 2 hrs to reach and spend less than 30mins to complete the visit if there is no kid with you. Few rides were closed for repairs. So I wasn’t happy fully wandering around the place.

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Armenian Church


The site was an Armenian graveyard before the church was built, still graves are within the compound of the church with names. So it will give you a different feeling. The church remains close most of the time and difficult to enter. They keep open on Sunday because it's their holy day for prayer. It’s a nice place to visit for the locals and tourists.

Satisfaction: 70% | See Reviews

Elisha Ferry Ghat


Elisha ferry ghat is a ferry terminal which is also used as fishing spot. So the place is full of fresh fishes. Hilsha fish is the most common one and mostly available. That's why it's called elisha ferry ghat. We enjoyed the beautiful sunrise there. Had a fresh morning purchasing fresh fishes.

Satisfaction: 80% | See Reviews

Dhakeshwari Mandir


This is a holy and religious place for the Hindus. They came here to worship their Goddess. The structure and color of the temple is eye-soothing. Being ancient, it's also a historical place.

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Baro Shibaloy Mondir

Amla, Joypurhat

This is a Shiv temple, hence a religious place. Shiv prayers are held here. An enormous Nandi statue (divine bull of Shiv) is placed here. A celebration is held every year in Shiv Ratri here. A lot of people come to join. A colorful fair is also arranged that night at this place.

Satisfaction: 83% | See Reviews

Liberation War Museum


The Liberation War Museum is situated in the focal point of Dhaka city and was initiated on March 22, 1996. It is enlisted as a Society with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms, Bangladesh, and with the NGO Bureau of the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. In the course of the most recent 21 years, the exhibition hall has gotten 637, 686 guests. There are 4 exhibitions which show the extended battle of individuals of Bangladesh for setting up their way of life as a co

Satisfaction: 96% | See Reviews

Curzon Hall, Dhaka University


It is situated in the science faculty at Doyel Chattar & named after Lord Curzon. This building was built in the British era and the witness of many movement related to the Independence. You'll see students studying or chilling at the building veranda. It also has the most architecturally beautiful vast exam hall in Bangladesh. The interior of the building as well as the doors, windows, stairs are charming.

Satisfaction: 74% | See Reviews

White Monastery - White Gumba


We found utmost pleasure visiting this historical religious place. You can have mountain view from the top. The monastery will serve you with knowledge of Buddhism and local history & tradition. The architecture is eye-catching but the place is crowdy & hence not so clean!

Satisfaction: 80% | See Reviews

Hazrat Shah Niyamatullah's Shrine


The tomb of saint Shah Niyamatullah is enclaved inside the shrine. The mosque beside it also holds a great value to the tourists coming here. The whole area & all the architecture and excavation remind us of history and our culture. That's why this is an archeological site. The place is well wandering for searching the Mughal history.

Satisfaction: 83% | See Reviews

Shishu Udyan - Park


It is basically a shishu park maintain by the local municipality. This place was a bit crowded. All people have entry to this place, that's why it's being crowded. The authority should look into the matter to keep it clean and secured, in short to preserve a good environment.

Satisfaction: 69% | See Reviews

Tajhat Zamindar Palace

Tajhat Road, Rangpur 5400

The Tajhat Royal Palace is not only a jamindar palace, it's also consists of the Rangpur Museum inside. So there's a lot to watch and enjoy there. It has great collection of old ventures related to cultures of that region as well as of the palace's. The place is full of antiques and antiquity.

Satisfaction: 86% | See Reviews

Rupa Lake - Rupa Tal


This is one of the lakes you can visit just by taking any open vehicle from the town. Encompassing is truly decent and you can really do drifting around and invest your daily energy here. Close to it there is another lake. Should visit in case you're in Pokhara. Magnificent approach to go through a day on this delightful lake. Take a taxi out there and go for an oar in one of the boats accessible. Simply otherworldly and afterward fly into the water for an exquisite swim.

Satisfaction: 95% | See Reviews



I've visited this mountain several times and have felt its vastness. It has never disappointed me. Sunset from the mountain is surreal!

Satisfaction: 84% | See Reviews

Rupban Mura


Rupban Mura is an archeological site situated at Cumilla. It's located at a hillock between modern BARD and BDR establishment in kotbari area. This is mainly an excavation complying shines and monastery.

Satisfaction: 80% | See Reviews

Shalban Bihar


I went there with my friends via an auto which cost 20 tk per person from the center of Cumilla. We had to pay a minimum entry fee at the gate. We loved the ancient vibe there and took a lot of aesthetic photographs. The place was totally clean and well maintained even if it is a vast one.

Satisfaction: 82% | See Reviews

St. Martin's Island

Cox's Bazar

We visited St.Martin, the popular tourist destination in Bangladesh for both local and foreign travelers in Bangladesh last year. It is like a pearl dot in the Bay of Bengal. This majestic place is situated at the entrance of Bangladesh-Myanmar border river Naaf. In 1717 christian priest Father Martin came to this beautiful island and since then it has been named as Saint Martin's island.

Satisfaction: 84% | See Reviews

Baliati Palace

Baliati, Manikganj

Baliati palace is a vast & famous jamindar palace of Bangladesh. The whole estate was built by jamindar Gobinda Ram Saha. The palace holds enormous beauty. It is a vast area full of greenery.

Satisfaction: 81% | See Reviews

Shopnopuri Artificial Amusement Park


Shopnopuri is a theme park which is decorated beautifully. There are rides and colorful monuments. The place is well-managed by the authority. Even if it's a bit crowdy, it didn’t bother us much for the management and beauty of that fantastic place.

Satisfaction: 79% | See Reviews

Chini Mosque


Chini mosque is a traditional ancient mosque which we visited some years ago on our Nilphamari tour. The guide told us at 1863, Hazi Bakir Ali made it as a small prayer house, later on after many years Wajir Ali reconstructed it as an enormous one. The mosque is really worth visiting. The work is so detailed which will attract anyone.

Satisfaction: 78% | See Reviews

Sriti Shoudho - National Monument

Savar, Dhaka

It is a nice and clean place. The place is decorated with greenery and historical charming monument. There ain't a lot of people on weekdays. Beware of people trying to sell stuff at exaggerated prices. Good stopover for onward trips out of Dhaka.

Satisfaction: 85% | See Reviews

Bhawal Rajbari


Bhawal Rajbari is located at Gazipur district. From Dhaka, it's really convenient to go there by bus. The beautiful Bhawal Rajbari Estate belonged to Gazis of Bhawal before the Mughol came to Bangla. So it holds unique architecture of its own. The whole area gave us great historical knowledge. We did some good photography there.

Satisfaction: 83% | See Reviews

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve


Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is a place natural beauty. We found greenery everywhere. It is a wetland covering an area of 175 kilometre square. So the area is really vast. The area is a sum of mudflats, reed beds, water marshes floodplain of Sapta Kosi River. So this place is basically a wetland.

Satisfaction: 81% | See Reviews

Floating Guava Market

Atghar - Nobogram Rd,Jhalokati

The floating guava market is on Jhalokati. It's not in the center of the city. It's in a place named Bhimruli which needs a bit effort to reach from the center. It's a 200 year old market. So the place is of great historical interest and culture. This market is really important for the local farmers.

Satisfaction: 82% | See Reviews

Lawachara National Park


Extraordinary compared to other tropical jungles I have ever visited. To enter here you need to buy tickets and to park your car they have a parking area.Best time to visit early in the morning.The organization is accessible at the door. You need to wear a full gasp, full shirt, and sports shoes or sneakers.This will assist you with strolling and go up to hills.Females kindly wear strolling shoes as well.Parasites are there exceptionally in the rainy season.You can hear the sound of birds.

Satisfaction: 100% | See Reviews

Ramsagar National Park


The Ramsagar National Park is full of different kinds of trees and different species of plants. It was built in 1960. At first, it was a class B national park for recreation and education, aftet independence, it was declared as a national park. So the park is quite ancient and holds historical value.

Satisfaction: 83% | See Reviews

Chitwan National Park


The Chitwan National Park was set up in 1973 to shield this characteristic territory from poachers, which was spinning out of control before the production of the Park. This Park was additionally perceived by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The Park is enormous at around 360 square miles in size and is very wonderful with lavish vegetation and with a pleasant waterway that goes through the Park.

Satisfaction: 84% | See Reviews

Hakaluki Haor


The hakaluki haor was declared as a ecologically critical area. A total number of 558 species of animals and birds have been identified here. Some species are even found endangered with lives. About 190,000 people live in the surrounding area. The people are welcoming and helpful. We really enjoyed boating there.

Satisfaction: 85% | See Reviews

Bardhan Kuthi


Bardhan Kuthi is a ruin part of a historical palace which is now a college. To visit this place, first go to Gaibandha by train or bus, then take CNG or auto to reach Gobindaganj College in Gobindaganj Upazilla. That's where you will find the relics located. Happy travelling!

Satisfaction: 68% | See Reviews

Children's park Feni


There is this nice children’s park in Feni. It's not very far from the center of the city. It's a fun place for the kids with lots of rides. The place is full of greenery.

Satisfaction: 79% | See Reviews

Lalon Shah's Mazar


The Lalon Shah's Mazar is a beautiful white colored dom-topped vast building. It has big wide veranda where Lalon Shah's followers gather together with the tourists, discuss about Lalon Shah and sing his soul-touching songs. The place gave us really soothing vibe as well as enjoyment.

Satisfaction: 83% | See Reviews

Sonadia Island

Cox's Bazar

This is an Amazing spot, particularly in the October-April season. You can see in any event a large number of birds, crabs, serene yet immaculate wild creatures, wonderful bent sandy seashore a pleasant stream, and the best woods experience. At the same time!

Satisfaction: 85% | See Reviews

Nafa-Khum Waterfall


The trip requires a stay at Remaikri village the night before so that so can head to the waterfall early in the morning. The water gushing out from the waterfall was a sight to behold. Owing to rainy season volume of water was high so it was risky to go to the base of the fall, but it is more feasible in winter.

Satisfaction: 78% | See Reviews

Sixty Dome Mosque


We visited this one of the most impressive Muslim monuments in the whole of the Indian subcontinent some years ago. It was built in between the years 1204-1576. It consists of an area of 1605 meter squares. This mosque was used for prayer as well as madrasa & great hall. The mosque represents beautiful archeological wonder.

Satisfaction: 83% | See Reviews

Kolatoli Sea Beach

Cox's Bazar

It is a clean beach and easy to swim in the sea in high tide. There are quite places to sit and relax . Also one can drive around the marine drive for 70miles!

Satisfaction: 80% | See Reviews

Rangamati Cultural Institute


This is a tribal cultural museum established in 1978 in Vedvedi in Rangamati. The museum is located inside an ethnic cultural institute. As you enter the museum, you'll see stone portraits of four tribes. It has a nice assorted collection of artifacts from almost 10 tribal cultures.

Satisfaction: 79% | See Reviews

Saidpur Protestant Church


Saidpur protestant church is in Saidpur, Nilphamari. It's an age old church constructed at 1893. So it holds historical importance. It's open for all religions. So we could easily visit it and was mesmerized by its beautiful interior work and the cordial people there.

Satisfaction: 80% | See Reviews

Chandraboti Temple


Some years ago, we visited the Kobi Chandraboti Temple in Tarail, Kishorganj. After reaching Kishoreganj, from the Shohidi mosque stand, we took an easy bike to reach there. You should know the exact location of the temple as most of the locals don't usually have a clue about it. So this thing was a bit of disturbing for us.

Satisfaction: 70% | See Reviews

Bibi Chini Shahi Mosque


We first went to Barguna district. Then headed to Betagi upazila approaching further in the direction of Bibi Chini village. The Bibi Chini mosque there was built in the 17th century. It has three access points. The mosque is related to the historical culture of this region.

Satisfaction: 81% | See Reviews

Shah Kamal Mazar


We went to Jamalpur to visit the Shah Kamal Mazar. The mazar building is nicely holding the signs of a good architectural landmark. It's a holy place of granting wishes by religious means. A nice prayer place it is!

Satisfaction: 79% | See Reviews

Meghla Parjatan Complex


This place is two hours distant from the main Chittagong city. You can take microbus or CNG to reach there. It will serve you with scenic natural beauty with vast greenery and crystal like water. A hanging bridge will give you a taste of adventure.

Satisfaction: 77% | See Reviews

Nilgiri - The Blue Mountain


this is one of most attractive places in Bandanban. I have visited the place 3 times already and stayed in beautiful cottages having the vibe of nature. The place is a sudden mood changer.

Satisfaction: 78% | See Reviews

Hanuman Dhoka Durbar

Hanuman Dhoka Sadak, Kathmandu

Hanuman Doka is a prominent Hindu Temple situated at the center of Kathmandu. It was previously the palace holding signs of Shah dynasty, so it's a historical museum now as historical Malla king stuffs are preserved here. This is a holy religious place.

Satisfaction: 82% | See Reviews

Monpura Landing Station


Monpura landing station is full of island beauty. Boating is a facility here with large boats and speed boats. We went there to purchase some fresh fishes and arrived home having a view of surrealistic sunset in bonus.

Satisfaction: 82% | See Reviews

Kaptai Lake


You will forget to take pictures when you reach there because you'll be too busy feeling the majestic & soothing nature. What a view! If you get hungry, you can get meal from Jhoom restaurant. They serve quality foods. You can visit Kaptai water power plant, but you need special permission to visit it.

Satisfaction: 87% | See Reviews

Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach

Cox's Bazar

Satisfaction: 0% | See Reviews

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